Book Boyfriends Cafe Presents Summer Lovin’ #99cents #boxedset

If you’re loading up your e-reader for the long weekend or summer vacation, check out the Summer Lovin’ Boxed Set from the authors of Book Boyfriends Cafe, now on sale for 99 cents! And don’t miss their Facebook party today, 11AM-9PM, Central time.

SLA15FINAL14 Full-length Novels & Novellas
Available as a boxed set for a limited time – on sale now for only .99!

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Summer is heating up with 14 traditional romances from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors, brought to you by Book Boyfriends Cafe. Foreword by USA Today bestselling author, Leanne Banks.

Cora Rules by Mel Curtis, USA Today Bestselling Author.
NBA coach Trent Parker is a stickler for the rules, until he meets Cora Rule, the biggest rulebreaker of the Rule clan.

Surrender to Love by Raine English, USA Today Bestselling Author.
When Tara Spencer agrees to spend the summer caring for her ailing grandmother, she has no idea how her life will be changed by the handsome stranger next door.

The Merry-Go-Round by Author Donna Fasano, USA Today Bestselling Author.
When Lauren divorces her husband, her life quickly turns into a 3-ring circus. Will she step off the merry-go-round–or reach out and grab the brass ring?

Twist of Fate by Patti Forsythe, USA Today Bestselling author.
Rebecca Perris is on a dangerous quest to find her sister, but when she meets Aaron al-Rashid again, it’s her heart that’s at risk.

Her French Count by Mona Risk, USA Today Bestselling Author.
Da Vinci Code in a French Chateau. The lovely American architect has turned his life upside down, but are his chateau and a missing statue worth endangering her life?

Love Me Forever by Ari Thatcher, USA Today Bestselling Author.
Escaping to Maui to get over her divorce, Jen runs into her first love, who blew her off at the end of her vacation. Matt had given up hope of ever finding her again. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

Playing the Rookie by Rachelle Ayala, National Bestselling Author.
A rookie pitcher and a sports intern on the rebound connect to get over their exes. Will their fling turn into true love or destroy both of their careers?

Duke of Devonwood by Carly Carson, National Bestselling Author
Sparks fly as Miranda plots to gain control of her inheritance from a modern day Duke who tries his best to resist her wiles. Can both of them win?

True North by Kelly Collins, National Bestselling Author.
Alexa leaves Los Angeles with a scarred heart, a beat up car and a secret. She’s fleeing her hopelessness to find her future. Can a sexy stranger mend her heart and be her compass?

Fashion Victim by Suz deMello, best-selling, award-winning author.
Hot isn’t a hot enough word to describe corporate raider Fletcher Wolf, but since he’s suing couturier Cara Fletcher for, oh, a gazillion dollars, she figures she shouldn’t hit on him…at least not too hard.

Season, Unforgettable by Keta Diablo, National Bestselling Author.
He promised his mother he’d wrap up the Pine Bay project, and he would have if not for a nature lover who can’t be bought at any price. Now he’s fighting for the other side, fighting to recapture his abandoned dreams, and fighting to win her heart.

Most Likely to Turn up the Heat by Cheryl Harper.
Sue Walker’s “no soldiers, no cops, no coworkers” policy doesn’t stand a chance against injured cop turned high school security guard Max Holt. His mission to return to Dallas and danger could be the deal breaker.

My Favorite What If by Lyssa Layne, National Bestselling Author.
Jacob “Smitty” Smith and Sloan Talbott have both have been hurt. Neither is looking for love. Will one week in paradise be a fling to remember or could it possibly lead to something more?

Relay For Love by Susan Ann Wall, National Bestselling Author.
A cancer survivor who celebrates in silence…a widow who remembers the man she lost…a fight back where two hearts battle to be together.

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Summer Lovin’ at the Solstice

Summer Lovin' Blog Hop buttonThe Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop, sponsored by Jane Wakely runs from June 20-23 and winners will be announced by Wednesday, June 25! Join 60+ romance authors as we celebrate summer romance.

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Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It has been the occasion of celebrations for millennia with bonfires burning during the night. And of course, there was a lot of hanky-panky going on in the shadows. Though originally a pagan holiday, midsummer’s night was continued by the Christians as St. Johns Eve. Shakespeare’s comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Eve, is one of my favorite plays.
Ilohna's Wolf thumbnail cover
Pagan traditions fascinate me, so I adopted some for the Medieval-style fantasy setting I created for my shapeshifter romances, Ilona’s Wolf and Tova’s Dragon. In the kingdom called Velosia, magic is openly practiced, the old Roman gods and goddesses are still worshipped, dragonshifters have been hunted to near extinction, and werewolves struggle to conceal their existence. I hope you’ll check out the book pages if you have time.

But now back to the hop. Here are the rules for the grand prizes:

1. Enter the Rafflecopter once for a chance to win the Grand Prize! (Winner will be chosen at random by and everyone who enters once is eligible!)

2. Visit all the stops on the hop and enter each stop’s personal giveaway—of course this step isn’t mandatory, but it’s fun! LOL! (The winner of each blog stop is decided by the author at their discretion—all decisions are final!)

3. Have fun!

My gift is a $15.00 Starbucks e-gift card, because there’s nothing like an ice cold drink on a summer day. What’s your preferred summer beverage? Mine is iced coffee.

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I hope you’ll stop back to see what else the blog has to offer. Have a good summer!

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