Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day graphic

After two years of COVID-91, the neighborhood is again assembling in my backyard for a cookout on Memorial Day. We’ll have about a dozen people and four dogs eating and visiting and playing ball. (Two of the neighborhood dogs are obsessed with chasing after a ball.)

But in the midst of the fun, we should remember why we celebrate.

This holiday dates back to 1865, shortly after the end of the Civil War, when people in both North and South put decorations on the graves of those who fell in what is still the bloodiest war in American history. The holiday was called Decoration Day before the name was changed to Memorial Day.


Two of my ancestors fought for the Union during the Civil War: one from Pennsylvania (my dad’s side of the family) and the other for West Virginia (my mom’s side of the family.) Both were wounded, one at Gettysburg, the other at the Battle of the Wilderness.

My father and brother both served in the Air Force, so in their memory, I will leave you with this image of the majestic the Air Force Memorial in Washington, D.C.

US Air Force Memorial, Washington, DC

US Air Force Memorial, Washington, DC

What are you doing today?


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