by Lyndi Lamont

Steamy Pirate Romance
(Historical Paranormal Short Story)

Heather MacGibbon is traveling from England to her home in Jamaica with her new husband, Roger Parnell, a man she detests. When their ship is attacked by pirates, Roger is killed. Heather, disguised as a boy, joins the pirate crew.

Pirate captain Adam Langworth suspects there is something odd about the new lad. When he discovers she is a woman, she begs him to keep her secret, a violation of the ships’ articles. When her identity is discovered, Adam and Heather find themselves marooned on a deserted island with nothing to do for the rest of their lives but make love.

Disclaimer: This is a 12,000 word steamy romantic short story, not a full-length novel. Previously published by Amber Quill Press. Contains a sexy pirate, a naughty witch, cussing and fornicating.

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4 1/2 Hearts… “Marooned is a delightfully sexy historical fantasy with a touch of magic that will leave the reader wishing for their own pirate lover. I highly recommend this to the readers that enjoy historical fantasy.” – Anita, The Romance Studio

4.5 blue ribbons… Lyndi Lamont’s MAROONED is a fast-paced short read that indulges our fantasies about being captured by a pirate. I adored Heather’s bravery in the face of her husband’s betrayal, his death, and then the dangers of being aboard a pirate ship. Adam may be a pirate but he’s still an honorable gentleman. Not once does he take advantage of Heather or her situation. Ms. Lamont pens an exciting tale that will keep you guessing until the very end. – Chrissy Dionne,
Romance Junkies

4 Lips… “Marooned by Lyndi Lamont will lead you down a path filled with thrills and chills, excitement, and sex. The detail she gives the characters bring them to life. The greed and cruelty of the pirates, the loving gentleness of the Captain, the descriptions of the ships and the battles will make you feel like the events are unfolding in front of you like a play. If you like pirate stories you will not be disappointed by picking up a copy of Marooned.” – Susan, TwoLips Reviews

“Move over, Jack Sparrow. Adam Langworth is taking the sea by storm, at least one fetching sea-going witch named Heather. For you ladies who dream of becoming a lusty pirate’s prize, Marooned is fantasy come to life. Lyndi Lamont suffuses her steamy tales with authentic period details to transport readers to an exciting past where dashing men unapologetically sweep women off their feet for heated lovemaking at every opportunity. Loosen your stays and prepare to be boarded!” – Deirde O’Dare, author



“Must you tell the entire crew?”

He stopped pacing to look at her. “Do you have any idea of the position you’ve placed me in? The ship’s articles prohibit bringing a woman on board.”

“You did not bring me on board,” she argued. “I was already here.”

“A technicality. Besides, the articles also prohibit keeping secrets from the other members of the crew, subject to punishment by marooning.”

Heather flinched. Marooning meant a slow death from hunger and thirst on a deserted island. “Then you have no choice, do you? You have to tell them.”

He rubbed a hand over his eyes. “You appear to be a lady of means. Is there anyone who’d pay ransom for you?”

“No. My father died a few months ago. I own our sugar plantation now, but there are no other assets, at least none you have not already stolen by taking this ship. My father lost everything at the gaming tables.”

“So that is why you were traveling with your uncle.”

“Another lie,” Heather admitted. “The man who died was my husband, Roger Parnell.”

Adam stared at her. “Your husband. Then who was the blond woman?”

“Kitty Foxton, his mistress,” Heather said flatly. “She was supposed to be acting as my maid, but it was she who shared his bed.”

Adam shook his head. “Not many ladies would put up with that.”

“Better her than me. I despised him.”

Adam’s brows quirked. “Then why did you marry him?”

“I had no choice. He’s the one who ruined my father by cheating at cards. Da was so downcast, he shot himself. I was left with nothing. Nothing. Then the blackguard who destroyed my life offered to marry me. Last night, I learned that he and Kitty planned to kill me once he’d established himself as master of the plantation. Your Mr. Gower did me a favor by killing them.”

Adam stood, walked around the desk and reached for her hands. “What an extraordinary tale.”

She laughed, a little hysterically. “It is, is it not? And now even more so since I have been captured by pirates.”

“Most well-bred ladies would have fainted by now. I applaud your courage and resourcefulness.”

Heather stood to face him, her hand still in his. “I am made of sterner stuff than most ladies.”

“I see that. There is, perhaps, one solution to this dilemma. I could claim you as my share-and-a-half from the Sea Rover.” He let go of her hands and pulled her to him, one arm around her waist. His other hand grabbed hold of her hair and tugged her head back. She looked up into his face and saw that his eyes were green flecked with gold. They glittered with desire.

Her hands were pressed to his warm chest and her stomach against his groin. She felt his hard shaft and a strange warmth crept over her body. It spoke of anticipation and need. What was wrong with her? She should be repelled and disgusted by his touch. But she was not. Giving her head a quick shake, she forced herself to think logically. “Your share-and-a-half? What does that mean?”

“When a ship is captured, the quartermaster catalogs the goods on board, then it is divided evenly among the crew. The captain receives a share-and-a-half. You would be mine.”

He is the one. The words rang through her mind.

“What would you do with me?” she asked, her voice suddenly husky.

“I know what I’d like to do,” he said, as his mouth descended.

Copyright 2006, 2013 by Lyndi Lamont.