Why We Celebrate Memorial Day #holiday #history

CannonWhen we have a three-day weekend, it’s easy to ignore the reason for the day off, but in the case of Memorial Day, we should remember why we celebrate. The holiday started in the years immediately following the Civil War, the most destructive conflict in our country’s history. Hardly a family or community went unaffected by that terrible war. Two of my ancestors fought for the Union. One was wounded at Gettysburg, the other at the Battle of the Wilderness. The latter lived into his 80’s with a bullet lodged in one knee.

As early as 1866, people gathered flowers in spring to decorate the graves of the fallen. For decades the holiday was knows as Decoration Day, but after World War II, Memorial Day stuck. In 1866, President Johnson declared the town of Waterloo, New York to be the beginning of the Memorial Day holiday, but other cities make competing claims.


In the South, states set aside alternate dates to honor the Confederate dead. It wasn’t until after World War I that all states began celebrating on the same day, May 30, and people began honoring the dead of all American wars, not just the Civil War.

In 1968 when Congress passed the law that created three-day weekends and since then Memorial Day has been celebrated on the fourth Monday of May. This year the fourth Monday happens to be May 30.

Cross with rose

Grave of Unknown Soldier

Last year, I toured the Normandy Landing Beaches and the American Cemetery in Colleville, a moving experience. This single rose by the grave of an unknown brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

History.com has an interesting video about Memorial Day. Have fun, but don’t forget why we celebrate.


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Graphic Novel Episode 1: Dilemmas and Deliberation

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When Camilla issues her challenge for a to-the-death fight for crown and king, Gyan’s duty, loyalty, and honor are put to the test.

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