Book Review Club: A Brush with Shadows by Anna Lee Huber

A Brush with Shadows
Lady Darby Mystery #6
by Anna Lee Huber
Audiobook narrated by Heather Wilds

Brush with Shadows cover

In this mystery, Keira, Lady Darby and her new husband Sebastian Gage are called to his ancestral home in Dartmoor to solve the mystery of his cousin’s disappearance. Alfred is heir to the viscountcy, and the old Lord Tavistock is gravely ill. Everyone from Sebastian’s grandfather to his younger cousin Rory seems to be witholding information, and the two sleuths have a frustrating time of it. Was someone poisoning Alfred? Or was the family curse to blame? And what part did the beautiful herbalist, Lorna Galloway, whom Rory calls a witch, play in the disappearance.

The denouement is a long time coming, but for once I successfully deduced who the villain was.

I really enjoy this series, and Wilds narration is wonderful, though I did miss the Scottish accents that were so prevalent in the first four books. In this book, only Keira’s maid is Scottish.

Written in the tradition of the Gothic mystery, Huber makes full use of the gloomy old house and the brooding, changeable terrain and weather of the treacherous moor. Well written, atmospheric and full of family drama. Fun to read or listen to.

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Murder Plotted: Marooned by Lyndi Lamont #MFRWHooks

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In this week’s #MFRWHooks I’m sharing the opening hook from my steamy pirate story, Marooned, featuring a beautiful witch and a pirate.

Marooned graphic

Atlantic Ocean, 1718

“We should kill her before she harms us,” Kitty whined. “It would serve the witch right.”

Roger let out a sigh. “Not yet. I need her until my position is established. Once I am master of the plantation, and have my own people in key positions, sweet Heather can disappear and you will be the new Mrs. Parnell.”

Heather bit back a gasp and pressed her ear closer to the crack in the cabin wall. It was decidedly unpleasant to hear one’s own murder discussed so dispassionately. Every fiber of her being brimmed with hatred for the man she’d been forced to marry. The man who had driven her father to suicide. The man who now wanted to murder her and put his mistress in her place.

She blinked back tears. How could this have happened? A year ago, she’d left Jamaica with hopes of finding a husband, a good man she could love with all the passion pent up within her breast. Passion that had turned to cold, deadly anger.

Marooned coverBlurb:

Heather Parnell is traveling from England to her home in Jamaica with her new husband, Roger, a man she detests. She performs a banishing spell with unintended consequences. When their ship is attacked by pirates, Roger is killed. Heather, disguised as a boy, joins the pirate crew.

Pirate captain Adam Langworth suspects there is something odd about the new lad. When he discovers she is a woman, she begs him to keep her secret, a violation of the ships’ articles. When her identity is discovered, Adam and Heather find themselves marooned on a deserted island with nothing to do for the rest of their lives but make love.

Disclaimer: This is a 12,000 word steamy romantic short story, not a full-length novel. Previously published by Amber Quill Press. Contains a sexy pirate, a naughty witch, cussing and fornicating. They are pirates, after all.

Marooned is available exclusively at Amazon until Dec. 21. Grab a copy for 99 cents or read for free with KU.

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Wide distribution starts in 2019.

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