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Alina K. Field is visiting today to share her latest release, a sweet Regency novella, “Lady Twisden’s Picture Perfect Match” in a new anthology of stories called Desperate Daughters: A Bluestocking Belles Collection With Friends.

Desperate Daughters cover

Desperate Daughters: A Bluestocking Belles Collection with Friends

This collection of novellas by nine Regency romance authors is a perfect opportunity to sample some new-to-you storytellers. The stories are set around a central premise, a family of all daughters, left destitute by their late father, the earl of Seahaven.

Here’s the blurb for the collection:

Love Against the Odds

The Earl of Seahaven desperately wanted a son and heir but died leaving nine daughters and a fifth wife. Cruelly turned out by the new earl, they live hand-to-mouth in a small cottage.

The young dowager Countess’s one regret is that she cannot give Seahaven’s dear girls a chance at happiness.

When a cousin offers the use of her townhouse in York during the season, the Countess rallies her stepdaughters. They will pool their resources so that the youngest marriageable daughters might make successful matches, thereby saving them all.

So they start their adventures in York amid a whirl of balls, lectures, and al fresco picnics. Is it possible each of them might find love by the time the York horse races bring the season to a close?

But it’s not just daughters finding romance…

Not everyone who finds love is a daughter. The earl’s young widow finds her own happily-ever-after. And my heroine, Lady Twisden, is a widowed aunt who learns that following her passion for painting doesn’t mean sacrificing love.

Lady Twisden’s Picture Perfect Match

Honoria, Lady Twisden

He’s not just a perfect image of a soul-stirring hero, but a perfect-for-her match.

After years of tolerating her late husband’s rowdy friends, Honoria, Lady Twisden, has escaped to York where she can paint, investigate antiquities, and enjoy freedom. Then her stepson appears with a relative in tow, the perfect image of a long-ago relation whose fierce portrait made her shiver with mad imaginings.

Promised York’s marriage mart and the hospitality of his cousin’s doddering stepmother, Major August Kellborn is shocked to find that his fetching hostess is the one woman who stirs his heart. To win her heart, however, he must convince her he’s her perfect match.

Major Augustus Kellborn


“Where is the footman? We need him to fetch in our trunks.”


Looking past the broad shoulder she saw another figure approaching and…

Good God. Heat swamped her and flamed in her cheeks. Dark eyes shot darts at her over a grimly set, thin-lipped mouth. The palpable sternness of Wes’s companion sent a shiver of awareness through her. It was a familiar shiver, one she’d indulged during her tedious days at Twisden Manor when she’d found herself fighting off mad imaginings.

Wes’s laughter shook her tongue loose. “My goodness, sir,” she said. “You bear an uncanny resemblance to—”

“Old Ebenezer Twisden,” Wes said. “Yes, it is as if the old Warden has come back to life, Mother. As soon as I laid eyes on him in Brampton, I knew he must be a relation. And do you know who he is, Mother?” He laughed again. “I’ve written to Granny to tell her. She’ll be in alt when she reads the news.”

A man of perhaps forty, he was about the same age as Wes’s ancestor, the Warden in the painting at Twisden Hall who’d been in the King’s service for many years when that portrait was done. This new incarnation of Ebenezer wasn’t a particularly tall man, not as tall as Wes, but he still towered over her.

Old Ebenezer cleared his throat.

“But of course,” Wes said. “Where are my manners? Mother, may I present my cousin, Major Augustus Kellborn. Gus, this is my dear stepmother, Lady Twisden.”

While she curtsied, managing not to wobble, he dipped his head, never taking his gaze away.

Good holy heavens.

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Author Alina K FieldAbout the Author

USA Today bestselling author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature but prefers the happier world of romance fiction. Though her roots are in the Midwestern U.S., after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California where she shares a midcentury home with a golden-eyed terrier.


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She could be faithful… #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor #freebook

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Lily and the Gambler coverThis week’s hook is from my Western romance, Lily and the Gambler, currently free today and tomorrow! Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

He held the door for her. Lily led the way inside. She should offer him a glass of lemonade, but hesitated to encourage him to call.

“Which room is yours?” He walked past her headed toward the stairs.

She hurried after him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He turned his head to grin at her. “Delivering your package.”

“Then bring it in here,” Lily said. She entered the dining room. “I need a large table to cut the material.”

He entered and laid the package on the table, then turned to stare at her.

Lily stood beside the doorway, hoping he would leave immediately. “Thank you, Mr. Callaway. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

“Are you really going to marry my uncle?”

She gasped. “Your uncle?” Oh, good Lord, no. “Hugh Ogilvie is your uncle?”

“Yep. If I’d had any idea…”

She closed her eyes. What a mess she’d gotten herself into. “I should have mentioned I was promised to someone.”

“But you didn’t.”

Lily opened her eyes and glared at him. “Had I known you actually lived in Grass Valley, I might have told you about Mr. Ogilvie. You weren’t entirely honest either.”

He sighed. “No, I wasn’t, but you flirted with me, led me to think… Uncle Hugh deserves to know what kind of woman he intends to marry.”

His words stung, but she knew they were not entirely undeserved. “What do you mean? I may have flirted with you, but…”

“Mrs. Albright, a woman like you should be careful who you flirt with.”

She ground her teeth. Being respectable was harder than she’d imagined. “Nigel never objected when I flirted with his friends.”

“Perhaps, but this isn’t England. So you never cheated on your husband?”

She stiffened in outrage. “Certainly not. And please keep your voice down.”

He advanced toward her, his intentions clear. “But are you going to be true to Uncle Hugh?” he murmured.

“Yes,” she said, backing away from him. She could be faithful. If only this man would stay away from her.


A mail order bride sets out for a new life only to be tempted by a charming gambler. Can he convince her to pass up a sober businessman for a foot-loose card sharp?

After the death of her lover, Lily Penhallow has learned the cost of flaunting convention. Reinventing herself as a widow, she travels to California as the mail order bride of a prosperous mine owner. But on the riverboat from San Francisco, she meets an irresistible gambler. Against her better judgment, she finds herself drawn to the handsome charmer.

King Callaway believes that since life is a gamble, there’s no point in planning for the future. After meeting Lily, he knows he has found his Queen of Hearts. But she’s engaged to his uncle, a man King respects.

Lily finds herself torn between two men and two ways of life. Will she choose respectability or love?

Lily and the Gambler is a Second Chance at Love western historical romance. If you like mail order brides, charming scoundrels and sensual romance, why not take a chance on Lily and the Gambler?

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