Cruise Blues #TuesdayTravels

Royal Princess

Princess Cruises Royal Princess, my home-away-from-home for 13 days.

In July, I went on a 13-day cruise of the British Isles with Princess Cruises, and now I’m suffering from the Cruise Blues.

I heard people talking about the cruise blues in the elevator on the last day of the trip. It kind of boils down to things like:

Oh, no, I have to make my own bed. What happened to the cabin steward?

What do you mean I have to fix my own breakfast? I’d rather go to the buffet.

Where am I going on today’s shore excursion? Oh, yeah, the grocery store. 🙁

In other words, getting back to real life can be a drag. I’m mostly joking–I really was happy to get home–but I will admit it was nice to be spoiled for a couple of weeks. In the next weeks I’m going to do some blogs about the trip so I can re-live the fun of being on the Royal Princess.

First stop: London!