Cruise Blues #TuesdayTravels

Royal Princess

Princess Cruises Royal Princess, my home-away-from-home for 13 days.

In July, I went on a 13-day cruise of the British Isles with Princess Cruises, and now I’m suffering from the Cruise Blues.

I heard people talking about the cruise blues in the elevator on the last day of the trip. It kind of boils down to things like:

Oh, no, I have to make my own bed. What happened to the cabin steward?

What do you mean I have to fix my own breakfast? I’d rather go to the buffet.

Where am I going on today’s shore excursion? Oh, yeah, the grocery store. 🙁

In other words, getting back to real life can be a drag. I’m mostly joking–I really was happy to get home–but I will admit it was nice to be spoiled for a couple of weeks. In the next weeks I’m going to do some blogs about the trip so I can re-live the fun of being on the Royal Princess.

First stop: London!


13 thoughts on “Cruise Blues #TuesdayTravels

    • The ship is enormous! Princess does a good job of keeping everyone organized, though. Most of the waiting for shore excursions, etc. took place in the comfortable seats of the Princess Theater.

  1. I know how you feel. Saw a picture someone posted on FB of them in Scotland. Miss that beautiful place and hope to go back again.

  2. I bet you took writers’ notes during your cruise! The older we get the more appeal a cruise holds for us. Our trumpeter son played with a band on a cruise to Mexico and back from San Pedro. We went down to see him off, and stood on the dock while the band played and confetti and streamers shot from the dock.

    Those on the cruise were all on deck cheering and in high spirits as they ship slowly pulled away and out to sea.

    My son said he never saw any of those people again!

    I guess some people just want to rest and catch up on their sleep. Vacations to us were always places to go, see and do things.

    • Actually, I didn’t take a lot of writers’ notes. We spent so much time on shore excursions, and not much on the ship. On a large ship, it’s easy to meet people once and never see them again. Almost 4,000 people on the Royal Princess.

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