New Cover + #RomanticIdea for Summer Author Exchange

I have two bits of news this week: a gorgeous new cover for Ilona’s Wolf and news on the upcoming Summer #RomanticIdea author blog exchange.

First my gorgeous new cover, designed by the very talented cover artist and my friend, Lacey Savage :

Ilona's Wolf cover

In June and July, a group of authors are doing a Summer #RomanticIdea blog exchange. The idea is that each author shares a Romantic Idea for the summer plus details about their books. It should be fun to see what a bunch of romance authors can come up with.

Summer #RomanticIdeaHere’s my #RomanticIdea:

“A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou” – The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

strawberriesI love that quote, and it makes me think of romantic summer picnics—at the beach, by a lake, in the mountains or a park—whatever location works best where you live or vacation. But what to pack? Wine, bread, meat and cheese are a given, but don’t forget the summer fruit—ripe red strawberries, lush juicy peaches or crisp apples. There’s nothing like a taste of fruit to sweeten a kiss.

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Strawberries are mine.

Linda / Lyndi

Authors: If you’re interested in joining our blog exchange, you can find details at Tina Gayle’s blog: