New Cover + #RomanticIdea for Summer Author Exchange

I have two bits of news this week: a gorgeous new cover for Ilona’s Wolf and news on the upcoming Summer #RomanticIdea author blog exchange.

First my gorgeous new cover, designed by the very talented cover artist and my friend, Lacey Savage :

Ilona's Wolf cover

In June and July, a group of authors are doing a Summer #RomanticIdea blog exchange. The idea is that each author shares a Romantic Idea for the summer plus details about their books. It should be fun to see what a bunch of romance authors can come up with.

Summer #RomanticIdeaHere’s my #RomanticIdea:

“A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou” – The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

strawberriesI love that quote, and it makes me think of romantic summer picnics—at the beach, by a lake, in the mountains or a park—whatever location works best where you live or vacation. But what to pack? Wine, bread, meat and cheese are a given, but don’t forget the summer fruit—ripe red strawberries, lush juicy peaches or crisp apples. There’s nothing like a taste of fruit to sweeten a kiss.

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Strawberries are mine.

Linda / Lyndi

Authors: If you’re interested in joining our blog exchange, you can find details at Tina Gayle’s blog:

4 thoughts on “New Cover + #RomanticIdea for Summer Author Exchange

  1. I like the cover and it matches perfectly with the quote!
    I love strawberries and peaches. But especially melon.
    I have just finished preparing your post for our exchange. looking forward to it. Best of luck to all of those taking part!

    • When I was a kid, we had a peach tree in the backyard. Oh, but those home-grown peaches were delicious! I’ve never found anything to match them in the stores.

      I’m looking forward to the exchange, too.

  2. Love the cover, Lyndi!

    I’m with you on strawberries being my favorite summer fruit, although like Carmen, I’m good with melons, too, especially cantaloupe.

    Looking forward to our blog swap and to reading all the other #RomanticIdea posts, too!

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