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Dragons don’t exist, or do they? In this snippet from Tova’s Dragon, Kane reveals his true nature.

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Kane studied the runes. “This tells the story of the Lightning Maid, a daughter of Thor, who inherited his ability to channel lightning. ’Tis said she passed the ability to her descendants, but only to the daughters.”

Tova stiffened. No, impossible. A chill ran through her as she turned to face Kane. “How curious. My father liked that tale. Papa said it was about one of his great- great-grandmothers.” Her words trailed off as she recalled her father, a large, fair-haired man, holding her in his lap, telling her fantastical stories of his homeland. A wave of yearning shook her. Though he was long gone from her life, she missed him yet. “When I was little, I believed his stories. Or rather, I wanted to believe.”

“And now?” Kane’s gaze was keen, as if her answer were important.

She shrugged. “I know they were meant to entertain a small child.” Anything else was unthinkable.

“Perhaps not.”

Another shiver passed over her. “What do you mean?”

He took her hand again. “Over the years, stories become exaggerated. New storytellers add their own twists and details, but sometimes a kernel of truth exists amongst the exaggerations.”

She studied his face. Was he teasing her? “Do you mean there may really have been a lightning maid?”

“I think it possible.”

“Nonsense.” She refused to believe otherwise.

He arched a brow. “Is it? I watched you deflect a lightning bolt earlier today.”

She gasped, pulled her hand away and took a step back. “How did you see that? You were here in the cave.”

“I was outside, watching you.”

She gaped at him. “But how? I never saw you.”

He sighed. “I have much to explain, but time is of the essence.”

“I know,” she said. “We have a hard trip ahead of us tomorrow. Perhaps we should rest now.”

“We have no time to rest. We leave after dark.”

His words puzzled her. “Don’t you mean at first light?”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “No, we’ll be traveling by night. I have excellent night vision.”

She faced him, her hands fisted at her side, alarmed by his words. “But I do not. Surely the mountains are too dangerous at night, even with the full moon.”

“It doesn’t matter, Tova. ’Tis time to fly with the dragon.”

She heaved a sigh and stared at him. Must he always be so enigmatic? “What on earth do you mean? Everyone knows there are no dragons outside of fairy stories.”

“Are there not? Did you not see one earlier today?”

She frowned, thinking back to that afternoon. “I saw a bird, a rather large bird.” She hesitated, picturing the creature in her mind, with its enormous wingspan and barbed tail. She gasped as the truth hit her. “The large, red-gold bird?”

“That was no bird, Tova.”

Suddenly faint, she reached out and steadied herself on the large rune stone. When she spoke, her voice was shaky. “You mean… a… dragon?”

“You saw me.”

Tova's Dragon coverTova’s Dragon
by Lyndi Lamont
Kingdoms & Legends Part 2
(Sequel to Ilona’s Wolf)

Seek help of the Lord of Drakkenberg. Only he can aid you. You must fly with the dragon.

Tova Svensdottir, an earth mage, is on a mission to save her homeland, the Kingdom of Velosia from the evil wizard Bruno of Grimmdorn. Her grandmother tells her to seek help of the Lord of Drakkenberg, but the old lord is dead. In his castle, high on a mountaintop, she instead encounters his son, the Outlaw Kane.

Kane fled Velosia after a futile attempt to rescue his father and his mate from Bruno’s cruel prison, killing the head guard in the process. Now that Bruno has been banished, Kane has returned to clear his name, but his purpose changes when he meets Tova. Tova’s warmth stirs his passions and her courage touches his heart, but he dreads telling her of his true nature, certain she will recoil. But

Tova is made of sterner stuff.

Together, Kane and Tova have the power to save Velosia. If they survive the coming battle. But can an earth mage find happiness with a dragonshifter?

Currently available at Amazon for #99cents or read free with KU:

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07635W1SR
AU: https://www.amazon.au/dp/B07635W1SR/
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07635W1SR/
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Ilona Meets Her Wolf #PNR #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor

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Today’s #MFRWHooks snippet is from my steamy werewolf romance, Ilona’s Wolf. The story is a variant on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the wolf saves Ilona from a woodsman.

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Suddenly, she sensed danger from yet another source.

“Wolf!” she cried.

The woodsman stared down at her. “There be no wolves around here. Stop your stalling, girlie.”

“Yes,” she insisted. In her mind she saw the wolf racing through the forest, sensed its blood lust. She fought down the fear, knowing it weakened her. Gods, was she destined to be ravished and devoured on the same day?

Then she heard the creature approaching. It bounded out of the woods and stood, snarling, lifted its head and let out a blood-curdling howl. The woodsman took one look at the fierce creature and ran off down the path. The wolf chased after him, then wheeled and trotted back toward her.

She sat frozen, her back to the tree. Oh, gods, don’t let it see me. She tried to cast an invisibility spell, but to no avail. The wolf looked at her, golden eyes gleaming, mouth open, showing off large, sharp teeth. She closed her eyes and gripped her throat with both hands. Quaking with terror, she listened as the animal padded toward her. She felt its hot breath on her cheek.

Opening her eyes a slit, she stared into the face of the wolf. Sad eyes stared at her, and her fears receded. Perhaps he’d been tamed. She reached out with what was left of her powers, but sensed no immediate danger. “Good wolf,” she stammered.

She held out one shaking fist, and the wolf sniffed it before licking her knuckles. It moved closer, sniffing her clothing. To her surprise, the animal hunkered down beside her and laid its head on her leg. Carefully, she touched it, stroking the soft fur.

Relief flooded through her. Saved by a wolf, of all creatures. “Thank the gods you showed up when you did. I’d no wish to be ravished by the likes of him.”

The wolf lifted its head and seemed to smile up at her, mouth open, tongue lolling.

She smiled at the canine as she continued to pet it. “Grateful I am for you rescuing me, but ’tis not exactly what a girl dreams of. Where’s my knight on a white steed? ‘Tis he who is supposed to do the rescuing.”

When the wolf lowered his head, sniffing between her legs, she laughed and pushed it away. “Rude creature.”

The animal responded by sitting up and resting its head on her breast. She put both arms around it and hugged it close, dropping a kiss on its head. “Do not misunderstand, Sir Wolf, but I still wish you were a knight. A strong, handsome knight like my Werner.”

The familiar sadness filled her at the memory of her husband. “I miss him so much, you know. Dagmar says another knight will come for me, a handsome knight to protect us and make sweet, passionate love to me.”

The wolf whined and raised his head to lick her cheek. Laughing, she tried to push him away, but he licked her full on the mouth. She closed her eyes, stunned when her powers came rushing back, like a flood of magic coursing around her.

Turning aside, she summoned her basket to her side. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the wolf jump up, staring at the basket. Her vision seemed to blur as the wolf’s face slowly became humanlike, then shifted back. She must have hit her head harder than she’d thought if she was seeing things. She closed her eyes and shook her head, but the aching had receded.

When she peeked again, the wolf was gone, and a naked man crouched in front of her. A handsome, well-built man with shaggy brown hair and golden brown eyes.

Ilona's Wolf coverBlurb:

Imagine a world filled with magic, a tormented knight, a damsel in distress, an evil sorcerer…

While picking herbs in the woods, Princess Ilona is rescued from a woodsman by a wolf. When the creature licks her wounds, it is suddenly transformed into a man. A very handsome, very naked man who makes passionate love to her in a glade.

Cursed by an evil wizard, Rolf was trapped in wolf form until he tasted the blood of a royal. Now he must escort the princess on a hazardous journey back to the castle to stop an ill-fated wedding.

Passion flares between them, but both know there is no future for Ilona and her werewolf. Or is there? In a world where magic and passion combine, anything may be possible.

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