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My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is One Sexy Girl.

Today’s snippet is from my steamy Victorian romance, How To Woo… A Reluctant Bride.

How To Woo... A Reluctant BrideBlurb:

A marriage of convience, nothing more…until darkly handsome Evan Channing and demure Lydia Blatchford meet. The rules are simple for an arrangement such as theirs. There should be no misunderstanding, no illusions of anything more. But the rules are about to change…

Lydia wants the kind of love and romance she reads about in books. Fortunately, she hasn’t specified which book, and Evan has a copy of Richard Burton’s new translation of the Kama Sutra, with its ancient wisdom on love and courtship. He sets out to win his high-born bride, blending seductive heat with exotic lessons in love-making.

Lydia is prepared to tolerate this man she’s been sold to, but his scorching kisses send her pulses racing. Can an arranged marriage lead to love?


She wasn’t quite the perfect English rose but she’d do.

Evan Channing stood next to the fireplace in Lord Blatchford’s parlor and studied his fiancée as she sat on the settee talking to his mother. Lydia Blatchford wore blue tonight, bringing out the color of her pale eyes. She looked beautiful, yet untouchable, in her fashionable silk gown. The low-cut bodice revealed the smooth white skin of her shoulders and a hint of cleavage. The lines of the gown showed off her firm breasts and small waist, and the bustle emphasized her rounded hips.

When she looked up, he smiled at his intended across the room. Her lips curved slightly in answer and a blush stole up her face, adding color to her porcelain complexion before she turned away. Tonight her dark blonde hair had been curled into a fashionable upswept hairstyle, softening her appearance. When he’d met her before, her long mane had been pulled back into a bun. He wasn’t sure the curls suited her, but of course, he’d prefer to see her hair down, spread around her on his bed. His pulse raced at the thought she’d soon be his.

He could hardly wait to peel off her layers of clothing, revealing the woman underneath, her smooth skin and generous curves. Taller and larger boned than most women, she’d fit perfectly against his own lanky frame. Perhaps he’d find an opportunity to steal a kiss tonight. Surely that was allowed to an engaged couple.

“Stop staring.”

Evan started and turned to see Lydia’s brother Harry standing beside him. “Sorry.”

Harry raised a blond eyebrow. “You should be. If you weren’t already betrothed to my sister I’d have to call you out for the way you were undressing her with your eyes.”

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Tova’s Sexy Man-Dragon ~ @MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is Our Sexy Man.

Tova's Dragon medium coverI chose this week’s snippet from my erotic dragon shifter story, Tova’s Dragon.

Fantasy Erotic Romance
Published by Amber Quill Press
Heat Level 3

Tova, an earth mage, rejuvenates through sex magic, but her energy is running low. What she doesn’t count on is sex with a handsome dragonshifter.

In this seven-paragraph snippet, Tova has just regained consciousness after hitting her head when she ducked into a cave to escape a lightning storm. To her surprise, she’s not alone.

Tova awoke to find herself on a soft bed wrapped in the embrace of a very hot, very aroused man. She opened her eyes and looked around the dimly lit chamber. “Where am I?”

“In my cave. You fell and hit your head.”

She squirmed around to stare at the man, and it all came back to her—the climb up the mountain, the lightning storm, being guided to the cave, and falling in the tunnel. “Your cave,” she repeated. “And you are?”

“I am Kane.”

Why did his name sound so familiar? She studied the face just inches from her own. He was older than she, perhaps in his third decade. Long black hair hung down to his shoulders and his eyes were a warm shade of amber under straight black brows. Her gaze dropped to sensual lips above a cleft chin. He was handsome as sin and naked to the waist. A shiver traveled up her spine and her heartbeat increased.

Around his neck he wore a heavy gold chain with a large, luminous pearl dangling from it. When she reached out to touch the pearl, she sensed power radiating from it, from him. “It was you who guided me to the cave, was it not? I thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, daughter of earth.”

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