#fallingintolove with The Bulletproof Ghost: Prototypes by Jake dh

falling into love buttonToday’s spotlight is on Jack dh, author of The Bulletproof Ghost: Prototypes, a Falling Into Love read.

The Bulletproof GhostBlurb:

Kyle Richard is constantly picked on by a group of bullies. One day, they took it too far and killed the young boy. Kyle awakens as a cybernetic killing machine created by a mysterious man only known as William. Kyle makes new alliances and reforges connections with old friends as the action packed climax comes to a fever pitch. Will Kyle obey his creator’s will or forge his own destiny?

In this Excerpt, Kyle is referred to as Five:

Both warriors landed on the ground. Five had fought in two trials before this one. His damage and energy expended was starting to catch up with him. He needed to end this. For all he knew, there was yet another trial after this. He intended to survive this. He wasn’t going to die again.

His kick has knocked one of the plates off the side of the Synth’s head. The bare side had conduits and circuits exposed to the air. Its singular red eye in the middle of its head was still intact.

The Synth flew at Five and swiped with its elbow blades. It missed once as Five dodged. The second swipe hit Five’s organic arm. The third was blocked by his extended wrist blade, keeping him from being decapitated. Five grabbed the other arm to keep it from cutting him from the opposite side. His right arm, the organic one, was weak from the cut, but he held strong.

The two were in a stalemate, neither able to break the others defense. The Synth head butted Five. The attack shattered his right eye lens. Blood was running into Five’s white pupil-less eye. A red laser shot out of the Synth’s one eye. Five turned his head, expecting this and the beam only grazed his helmet, causing minor searing. The Synth knew that if it landed the shot in Five’s ocular implant, the beam would penetrate his brain.

Five saw the beam charging up again. He quickly angled their blades as the beam shot out at its eye. The beam impacted the blades, splitting it into dozens of streams. One went directly back into the eye it came out of. The Synth backed up, confused by the lack of visual data. Five used the opportunity to deliver the final blow, slicing through the Synth’s neck. He impaled the head on his depowered blade before it hit the ground.

Five looked over at the black eyed man in the room, “So, Creator William, how did I do?” Five flicked the severed head with his hand, making it spin around on his blade.

William smirked, “Better than the others, Prototype Five,” he stopped smirking, “The others failed.”

Author Bio:

Jake dh has written for Examiner for years, but now he delves into the world of fiction. He just released his first book, The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes. This is the first book of many in this riveting new scifi series. Jake lives with his wife Sarah and baby son, Xander in Evansville, IN. He enjoys gaming, genre movies, anime and comics. He also roller blades when he gets the chance.

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