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To celebrate her new release, today’s spotlight features Lori Herter’s Cimarron Series for all you vampire romance fans. Her romantic vampire novella, Cimarron Spirit, is included in the vampire anthology, Edge of Darkness, published by Berkley. She has written a sequel continuing the story of vampire Rafael de la Vega along with other recurring characters in her single-title novella Cimarron Secrets. A third novella in the series, Cimarron Seductress, has recently been published.

Edge of Darkness coverEDGE OF DARKNESS
Vampire anthology published by Berkley
Includes Cimarron Spirit
Part 1 of Lori Herter’s Cimarron Series

While excavating an Anasazi ruin, archaeologist Annie Carmichael uncovers the resting place of centuries-old vampire Rafael de la Vega, once a Spanish Conquistador. Rafael finds in Annie the liberating mate he has longed for. But how much is Annie expected–or willing–to surrender for the man she now desires?

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and other retailers.

Cimarron Secrets coverCIMARRON SECRETS, Part 2 of the Cimarron Series

Though enthralled with Rafael, Annie finds living with a shapeshifting vampire is a huge adjustment. When rival professor Frank Florescu discovers that her mysterious lover is one of the undead, he threatens to expose Annie and ruin her career. Rafael fears that Annie would be better off without him. For her sake, should he risk undergoing a secret arcane ritual to regain his mortality, a risk he might not survive?

Available exclusively at Amazon.

Cimarron Seductress cover
Part 3 of the Cimarron Series

An old flame returns to vampire Rafael de la Vega. Sensual immortal Maisie Flowerday is determined to seduce Rafael because she misses the vampire sex they once shared. Will she lure him away from Annie, his one great love? Meanwhile, would-be vampire hunter Dr. Frank Florescu has made destroying Rafael and other vampires his life’s mission. Maisie’s schemes and Florescu’s obsession forever change Rafael and Annie’s future.

Available exclusively at Amazon.

Author Bio:

Lori Herter grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, and worked for several years at the Chicago Association of Commerce & Industry. She married her husband, Jerry, a CPA, and they moved to Southern California a few decades ago. Lori has written romance novels published by Dell Candlelight Romances, Silhouette, and Harlequin. Some of these books are currently available as ebooks. She also wrote a four-book romantic vampire series published by Berkley with the titles Obsession, Possession, Confession, and Eternity.


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