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My Sexy Saturday bannerMy Sexy Saturday is a year old this week! Yes, this is Week 52 of My Sexy Saturday, a weekly blog hop where authors share seven sexy words, sentences or paragraphs from their writing.

This week, anything goes, so here’s a seven-paragraph snippet from my steamy pirate romance, Marooned.

“Most well-bred ladies would have fainted by now. I applaud your courage and resourcefulness.”

Heather stood to face him, her hand still in his. “I am made of sterner stuff than most ladies.”

“I see that. There is, perhaps, one solution to this dilemma. I could claim you as my share-and-a-half from the Sea Rover.” He let go of her hands and pulled her to him, one arm around her waist. His other hand grabbed hold of her hair and tugged her head back. She looked up into his face and saw that his eyes were green flecked with gold. They glittered with desire.

Her hands were pressed to his warm chest and her stomach against his groin. She felt his hard shaft and a strange warmth crept over her body. It spoke of anticipation and need. What was wrong with her? She should be repelled and disgusted by his touch. But she was not. Giving her head a quick shake, she forced herself to think logically.

“Your share-and-a-half? What does that mean?”

“When a ship is captured, the quartermaster catalogs the goods on board, then it is divided evenly among the crew. The captain receives a share-and-a-half. You would be mine.”

He is the one. The words rang through her mind.

Marooned coverBlurb:

Heather Parnell is traveling from England to her home in Jamaica with her new husband, Roger, a man she detests. She performs a banishing spell with unintended consequences. When their ship is attacked by pirates, Roger is killed. Heather, disguised as a boy, joins the pirate crew.

Pirate captain Adam Langworth suspects there is something odd about the new lad. When he discovers she is a woman, she begs him to keep her secret, a violation of the ships’ articles. When her identity is discovered, Adam and Heather find themselves marooned on a deserted island with nothing to do for the rest of their lives but make love.

Disclaimer: This is a 12,000 word steamy romantic short story, not a full-length novel. Previously published by Amber Quill Press. Contains a sexy pirate, a naughty witch, cussing and fornicating.

Through July 31, Marooned is free at Smashwords with Coupon Code SW100.

Also available for 99 cents at Amazon,
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