She was younger than he’d first thought… #Snippet Sunday #ReadaRegency


This is my first participation in Snippet Sunday. Today’s snippet is from my Regency romance, Lady Elinor’s Escape, which just started a 99-cent Kindle Countdown Deal.

She was younger than he’d first thought and prettier than he had imagined.

Stephen Chaplin studied his unexpected traveling companion, her head now turned to look out the window, giving him a clear view of her profile. Her features were regular, her nose straight and not too long, and her full lips hinted at emotional depths he’d yet to see. Though she’d pulled her shining brown hair back into a severe chignon, a few strands had escaped to curl around her ears. Still, try as he might, his gaze always returned to the reddened area under her eye, marring the perfection of her porcelain skin.

His gut tightened. Who had hit her? A husband, a father, or a lover?

Lady Elinor's Escape

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