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My good friend, author Alina K. Field is one of the authors in this fabulous, upcoming holiday anthology.

Christmas Kisses Anthology coverCHRISTMAS KISSES

A Regency Holiday Romance Anthology (10 Authors)

Published: October 12, 2021

Authors (10) : Cheryl Bolen, Samantha Grace, Lana Williams, Collette Cameron, Sasha Cottman, Barbara Monajem, Suzanna Medeiros, Alina K. Field, Alanna Lucas, Heather Boyd.

Heat up the holiday with ten dreamy regency rogues! Winter is a time of magic, promise, and unexpected romance. Anything could happen…and it all begins with Christmas Kisses.

The Wallflower’s Christmas Wish (Brides of Bath) by Cheryl Bolen: While painting the portrait of Sir Elvin Steffington, Bath’s most eligible bachelor, the exceedingly plain spinster Diana Furness develops a strong friendship with her subject. Could this be more than friendship? Could he ever be attracted to one as inconsequential as she?

A Kiss From a Captain (An Everly Manor Happily Ever After) by Samantha Grace: Captain Gabriel Brazier defied doctors’ predictions and learned to walk again after losing his leg in war. But the damning voice whispering no woman will find him desirable again is hard to ignore, especially when he arrives at Everly Manor to compete for the charming Lady Laurel’s heart.

A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss (The Rogue Chronicles) by Lana Williams: Mary is shaken by a letter requesting she return home for Christmas. But her world is truly upended when she reunites with a former love for the long journey. Arthur has no desire to rekindle their relationship after Mary broke his heart, but a snowstorm and some passionate kisses just might reignite their love.

’Twas the Rogue Before Christmas (The Honorable Rogues®) by Collette Cameron: Eager to leave England, American, Jason Steele can’t forget the beautiful noblewoman he saved from a foiled robbery. Determined to behave properly, Lenora Audsley can’t stop thinking about the rogue who rescued her. Can the magic of the holiday season unite these lovers who are forbidden to see each other?

Bound to the Belgian Count (London Lords) by Sasha Cottman: Abandoned bride, Lily is determined to seek an annulment. But when her absent husband Count Maximilian de Viron suddenly appears in court, the judge decides on a unique compromise. Between now and Christmas Eve, the couple must live together, share meals, and talk.

Embracing the Scandal by Barbara Monajem: Harriet is banished for her naughty behavior, and when Jonathan asks for her hand, he is told she is dead. When they meet again, can they overcome the lies and sins of the past to fall in love once again?

A Viscount for Christmas by Suzanna Medeiros: Viscount Thornton returns home for his mother’s annual Christmas party to find a beautiful woman sleeping in his bed. Neither he nor Celia are happy when her mother demands they wed. Can they escape marriage or will they both get the Christmas gift they didn’t know they wanted?

The Impetuous Heiress (The Upstart Christmas Brides) by Alina K. Field: Before dashing Lord Loughton can make amends with his neglected fiancée, the lady’s meddling cousin delivers her to his doorstep. He soon realizes more is amiss than his carelessness. Can he uncover her secrets and win her back before he loses her altogether?

A Duchess for Christmas (Forgotten Heiress) by Alanna Lucas: Grace Banks is looking forward to her first Christmas at the Home for Desolate Ladies, but Edward, Duke of Tavistock, is set upon ruining it, and the secrets keeping them apart leave little hope for reconciliation. Can the spirit of Christmas heal two wounded hearts?

Let it Snow by Heather Boyd: When the worst scoundrel in her acquaintance rescues Yvette from a winter storm, she fears a holiday spent dodging his attempts at seduction. But more than one yuletide surprise awaits as she discovers Luc is a man of surprising patience, and passion for just one woman…Yvette herself.

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Alina’s contribution is The Impetuous Heiress, a novella in her Upstart Christmas Brides series.


Before dashing Lord Loughton can make amends with his neglected fiancée, the lady’s meddling cousin delivers her to his doorstep. He soon realizes more is amiss than his carelessness. Can he uncover her secrets and win her back before he loses her altogether?


As the breakfast room emptied of children and servants, Fitz contemplated Mel. How beautiful she was, with her gleaming dark eyes and hair, her proud chin and lush mouth. Her father had claimed Spanish nobility somewhere in his bloodline. Her mother’s side was thoroughly English. Though Mel had said little about her mother, she’d been close to her father, a proud soldier, a steady and honorable man who, in one impetuous moment of passion, had eloped with a banker’s flighty daughter.

Mel was spirited but not flighty. At Lady Clitheroe’s he’d noticed her holding back, her eyes lit with amusement as other young ladies hounded him. Over several days, he’d watched her tease the wallflowers out of their nerves and engage the younger men in cards and games, always with the playfulness of an older sibling. Besides being beautiful, she was comfortable and kind.

A sense of what he had to lose swept through him. Too absorbed in his own troubles, he’d taken her promise to marry him for granted. He’d taken her for granted. He’d hurt her.

Had he done that to Alice?

He shook off the thought. With Alice, there’d been fault on both sides.

Lord Loughton, you ought to go to that party with your family and your wards.”

She lifted his fingers away from her cheek, but he held on to her hand. “The parish children’s party is always a merry time, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to talk things over with you.”

What is there to say? You are set free. I will leave.”

And go where?”

That is not your concern.”

You and Hermione setting out on the road in this weather, just the two of you?” It most certainly was his concern. “I would worry. And go where, Mel?”

She squeezed her eyes tight, and her lips trembled. The threat of tears gave him hope.

Oh, very well. Papa left me a cottage and a small holding.”


In the north.”

North of here? The roads are dreadful in Yorkshire, my brother George said.” And she’d set out on this journey in the middle of winter instead of sensibly waiting until spring. Why?

There must be a good reason. Mother had hinted that Lady Hermione was pockets to let. Mel’s small income from her father’s bequest would suffice if she owned the cottage outright, if it wasn’t falling down about her and in need of expensive repairs. Her grandfather had promised to leave a small bequest. Though he’d been ill recently, Sawley, as far as he knew, was still alive.

Nevertheless, I will journey on,” she said. “I’m not afraid of the weather.”

Their intertwined hands drew her attention, and she chewed on her lip, blinking prodigiously. A tear slid down her cheek.

Oh, Mel.”

With a quiet curse, she straightened her shoulders. “I don’t know why I’m such a watering-pot lately. You have always been too kind to me. When we’re together, that is. Let us leave it at that and go our separate ways.” She shivered and turned to the fire.

Stubborn woman. He wouldn’t give up so easily. Or at all. “Come with me to the study and let me tell you about the weeks since we’ve been apart. There’s a good fire there. I can even show you the estate books and you might have some advice for me.”

Her lips firmed, making him want to soften them with his own. When she stood and took the arm he offered, hope stirred in him. He’d win her back. He’d change her mind about leaving. He could ride to the bishop for a license and be married before his brother George tied the knot with Sophie. Or… Mother had reminded him that the banns had already been called. There was no need whatsoever to wait.

Author Alina K FieldAuthor Bio and links

Award winning and USA Today bestselling author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature but prefers the much happier world of romance fiction. Though her roots are in the Midwestern U.S., after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California, where she shares a midcentury home with her husband and a spunky, blond rescued terrier. She is the author of several Regency romances, including the 2014 Book Buyer’s Best winner, Rosalyn’s Ring. Though hard at work on her next series of romantic adventures, she loves to hear from readers!

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Other books in the The Upstart Christmas Brides Series:

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  1. Love the excerpt, Alina. This promises to be a terrific collection. I know your story will be just dandy 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

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