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It’s time for MFRW Book Hooks again, and I’m focusing on Lily and the Gambler today, set in 1868 California.

A fallen woman seeks a new respectable life in the California Gold Country. Seems like a good plan – until she meets the gambler of her dreams. Or is it her nightmares?

Lily and the Gambler coverLily entered her private cabin, removed her hat, sat at the marble-topped dressing table, and studied her reflection in the mirror. She hoped this wasn’t a mistake. A proper widow would have refused Mr. Callaway’s suggestion outright, but Lily had rarely done anything proper in her life.

And, at this point, she was weary of her own company. On the long journey, she’d forced herself to remain aloof from the mostly male passengers. From the start, she’d seen the speculative glances cast her way and decided it best not to encourage any of them. Her image as a respectable widow was at stake. So she was left with only her maid, Molly, who had shared her Spartan cabin, for company. She would have dispensed with a maid to save a bit of money, but Uncle Arthur had insisted, even sending some money to help with her expenses.

Since Molly abandoned her for a fast-talking sailor, Lily had to be more cautious of her reputation than ever. She couldn’t let herself be taken in by a charming and handsome man. And Creighton Callaway qualified in both categories with his dark curly hair, hazel eyes and a ready smile. Though he dressed like a gentleman, in a black suit and frilled white shirt, she suspected he was a rogue at heart.

Outwardly, he appeared to be the complete opposite of Nigel. He was dark, the shadow of his beard giving him a manly aura, whereas Nigel had been fair and blue-eyed with a light beard. But like Nigel, Callaway had the devil dancing in his green-gold eyes. She should stay in her cabin, but she didn’t want to be alone, and a few minutes of flirting should cause no harm.

Or will it? Well, you’d have to read the book to find out!

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12 thoughts on “Lily and the Gambler #MFRWHooks #free

  1. A few minutes of flirting can always cause harm, especially when the heroine isn’t terribly good at self-restraint or proper behavior. What’s to be seen is how or whether she redeems herself from the consequences of pending ruin.

    • The ruin takes a while in coming, but things work out in the end. She practices restraint until she can’t hold out any longer.

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