Social Media Hangouts & Graphics: Week 15 #MFRWAuthors 52-Week Blog Challenge

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It’s week 15 of the MFRWAuthors 52-Week Blog Challenge, and this week’s prompt is My Social Media Hangouts.

My hangouts are pretty basic: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Please feel free to friend or follow me on any of the above links. I’d love to connect with you online.

The fact that I have any social media hangouts at all is due to my friend Elena Dillon, who taught an online social media class a while back for my local OCCRWA chapter. I now consider her my social media guru.

This year, I took a class on Visual Content Marketing for the Confused and Terrified Writer, also taught by Elena. In it, I learned how to make kick-ass graphics for my books and social media sites. The big breakthrough came from learning about Canva, a terrific website that helps you create graphics using templates designed for each social media site, postcards, blog and web graphics, etc. They even have a template for an e-book cover! Haven’t tried that one yet.

Here are a few examples of what I did in class:

seek help graphic

My first attempt at using to create a graphic.

LM facebook cover

Facebook cover image for my Linda McLaughlin author page

LL facebook cover

Facebook cover image for my Lyndi Lamont Author page


RB twitter graphic

Twitter graphic for How to Woo… A Reluctant Bride

I have to admit, though, that I wasn’t entirely successful at the class. The branding still challenges me, and I tried and failed to create an account at Instagram, and gave up after a while. I’ll just have to live without Instagram, I suppose.

If you’re like me and still a bit leery about social media, Elena has a another website where she discusses social media for the Confused and Terrified Writer.

Where do you hang out on social media?

Linda / Lyndi

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10 thoughts on “Social Media Hangouts & Graphics: Week 15 #MFRWAuthors 52-Week Blog Challenge

  1. I love these Canva graphics, Linda! I love playing around in Canva, I too struggle with Instagram. They changed something in the last few months and it’s much harder to post photos, or let’s say, I’m challenged by it!

    • I couldn’t get past the sign-up process at Canva, so you’re ahead of the game! I’ve been getting re-aquainted with Pinterest and enjoying it a lot.

  2. Canva can be fun but all the photos I really liked cost more than the budget allowed. I don’t do Instagram either. Pinterest takes up enough time for me. Congrats on the class, you’ve created some good graphics.

    • Helen, I just found your comments in spam and approved them. So sorry.

      I got lucky and was able to get the App Sumo deal at Deposit Photos: 100 downloads for $39. Maybe they’ll do it again next year.

  3. Those graphics are great! I’ve heard Canva mentioned in one of my FB writing groups but never looked into it. I think I’ll need to give it a try and see what I can do. I always enjoy looking at the graphics that other authors put up. Thanks to the link for the class.

    Instragram I struggle with. My daughter actually set the account up for me. I’ve done a few pictures, but still not sure how to effectively use it.

    • Instagram seems to be challenging for a lot of people. Canva, on the other hand, is much more accessible and really powerful. I love it.

  4. Thanks for the ideas, those graphics are awesome. I made an ebook cover on Canva for my next book, but I haven’t tried the other features yet. I need to check our your friend’s class!

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