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I joined the MFRW 2017 Blog Challenge. The idea is to do a themed blog every Friday, and this week’s prompt is “TV Shows I Binge”. Normally I’d have trouble with this prompt because I don’t generally binge watch, except for Outlander.

However, I missed the opening of the fall TV season last year due to being out of the country, so I’ve had no choice but to binge watch in order to catch up on the shows I like. My first choice was Grey’s Anatomy, a show I’ve watched from the beginning, despite its ups and downs. I remember years ago watching a medical show, probably ER, when my husband wandered into the room, saw them operating on someone and said, “Your mother died of a brain tumor and you’re watching this?” I just shrugged. I didn’t point out that I wasn’t the one with a major medical phobia. He wouldn’t have watched under any circumstances.

Next I turned to some of the new shows to see what I liked. My two favorites are Timeless–because time travel!–and Designated Survivor. I love both of these shows. It’s fun to see the characters in Timeless (NBC) hopping from one historical period to another each week while trying to catch the handsome but dastardly Garcia Flynn, played by Goran Visjnic. (Had to look up how to spell his name.) I’ve been in love with Goran since he played Luca in ER. Matt Lanter’s Wyatt isn’t hard to look at either!

US CapitolIf you like complex suspenseful TV shows, Designated Survivor (ABC) is fascinating. Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, the HUD secretary, who is the designated survivor from the president’s cabinet during the State of the Union speech. The idea is to have someone in the line of succession survive in case of catastrophe. In the pilot, the Capitol building suddenly explodes during the inauguration, and Tom is rushed from his “undisclosed location” to the White House where he is sworn in as president. Maggie Q plays an FBI agent who is trying to figure out who blew up the capital, a quest that gets more dangerous the closer she gets to the truth. I can’t wait for the show to start up again.

For laughs, I binge watched The Good Place (NBC) starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. Kristin Bell’s character Eleanor died and accidentally ended up in the Good Place instead of the Bad Place. Her attempts to become a better person are hilarious and heartwarming. I’m really enjoying the show.

And lately I binge watched the new show This Is Us, also on NBC. This show is an innovative and heartwarming family drama about the Big Three, a set of twins and their adopted brother, all born on their dad’s birthday. There’s been a lot of critical acclaim for this show, and Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. I think she should have won.

And yes, I know this isn’t true binge watching because I didn’t wait for a whole season, but I had to get caught up! I still have a bunch of shows I haven’t watched this season.

What have you been watching, or binge watching lately?


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15 thoughts on “Binge Watching in 2017 #MFRWauthor #Blog Challenge

  1. I’ll have to check out some of the network shows you mentioned. Designated Survivor sounds interesting. I actually want someday to watch Kiefer in 24. I’ve seen only snippets of episodes of that show.

  2. Kiefer Sutherland is my favorite actor. I watched him in all 24 series. I intend to watch Designated survivor after they release more than half of it.
    Right now I am binging American Gothic series. Watched today 4 episodes.

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