An American Holiday by Bobbi Romans

I’m turning the blog over to Bobbi Romans today to tell us about her holiday release, An American Holiday.

An American Holiday coverAhh, Thanksgiving… complete with ghosts of holidays past. Those being humiliating memories of last year’s revelry gone wild: jail cells, a tattoo and rose left on Kristi James pillow by someone she can’t remember.

Toss in two brothers who, while loving, had needled her with vivid imagery on what might have happened during that fateful rendezvous at the local HoJo’s. Seriously, what’s a girl to do? She’d run like hell from Harpers Ferry back to her apartment and job in Alexandria.

She’s praying this year’s holiday ends a bit more traditional. But between exploding turkey’s, cranberry fights, and the winter storm threatening to lock them all together for God only knew how long, she’s fairly certain her Norman Rockwell hopes have flown the coop.

Adding another layer to this casserole of disaster, the high school boyfriend—who’d cheated on her two days before prom—returns, claiming to have made a horrid mistake all those years prior.

Amid all this, what has her heart flip-flopping is catching her best friend Simon getting cozy with his latest girlfriend.

Thing is, she isn’t sure why its bothering her so badly.

Sometimes it takes coming home again… to discover how lost we’ve really been.

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Reviewer Crystal says “It’s a perfect story to read around Thanksgiving and be thankful when things go right for your holiday dinner.”

Reviewer gpangel says “I laughed out loud in some places and felt all warm and sappy in others.”

Reviewer Mary King says “Hilarious Holiday Fun that Brings Back Memories”

A personal note about the story… the recipe within, is in fact, my great grandmother Obaughs that I make every Thanksgiving and Christmas upon the begging of my family.

I’ll give away (1) Ebook to commenters who simply tell me what their favorite Thanksgiving Day Dish is and whether its a new something or an old family recipe.

                     ~ Happy Upcoming Holiday Season ~

Bobbi Romans


Leave a comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving dish. I’m going with candied yams, since it’s something I eat once a year.

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