Fondue Kisses from Rogue’s Hostage for #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s My Sexy Saturday highlights Thanksgiving, and that means food. My excerpt comes from my sensual historical romance, Rogue’s Hostage. In this scene, Mara has made Swiss fondue for Jacques and has explained how he must pay a forfeit when he loses his bite of bread in the cheese mixture. They decide the forfeit will be a kiss.

Jacques’s heart began to pound in his breast. It had been more than six months since he had kissed her, that last night at Fort Duquesne. Careful not to alarm her, he cupped her chin with one hand and lightly touched his lips to hers.

“I think I am going to like fondue very much,” he decided.

He pulled out a chair for her, and inched his own close so that their knees touched under the table. When she dipped her fork in the pot, he jostled her elbow, and she lost the bread.

“You did that on purpose,” she accused him with a smile.

He shrugged. “A forfeit is a forfeit. It is your turn to kiss me.”

She shook her head but complied with his request, kissing him sweetly but tentatively.

Jacques lost more bread than he ate, and soon he was intoxicated on wine and kisses. With each kiss, he grew bolder, slipping his tongue inside her mouth, savoring the tangy taste of cheese and Bordeaux.

Rogue's Hostage

Sensual Historical Romance


His hostage…

In 1758 the Pennsylvania frontier is wild, primitive and dangerous, where safety often lies at the end of a gun. Mara Dupré’s life crumbles when a French and Indian war party attacks her cabin, kills her husband, and takes her captive. Marching through the wilderness strengthens her resolve to flee, but she doesn’t count on her captor teaching her the meaning of courage and the tempting call of desire.

Her destiny…

French lieutenant Jacques Corbeau’s desire for his captive threatens what little honor he has left. But when Mara desperately offers herself to him in exchange for her freedom, he finds the strength to refuse and reclaims his lost self-respect. As the shadows of his past catch up to him, Jacques realizes that Mara, despite the odds, is the one true key to reclaiming his soul and banishing his past misdeeds forever.

Nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Small Press Romance, 2003

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