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The charming Guy Ogan is here with an interview of his vampire character, Gary Logan, from his Immortal Relations series. Welcome, Guy.

Interview with vampire Gary Logan:

Gary Logan, my primary male character, is here to tell us a little about why he became a vampire. As you know most vampires are “changed” against their will. Gary on the other hand fell in love with a lady who happened to be a vampire (she had been attacked and only two policemen happening on the scene kept her from being drained rather than changed). Gary is one of only two characters in my series who asks to be changed to stay with someone they love. There are others who are changed to save them from death due to disease.

Guy: I understand you have some kind of special power. Can you tell us about it?

Humans would count the speed, strength and immortality of being a vampire as special powers; however, our group of vampires are developed even further. With the help of Sophie (my vampire son’s human wife) we have developed the ability to reach out to one another and experience the physical joy of each other during sex and communicate mentally at great distances.

Immortal Relations cover

Guy: When did you discover your powers?

Most of the vampire powers were taught to me very soon after being changed. You can read about that in the early parts of Immortal Relations. Only a few people realize that the entire series of books started out as notes in a three ring binder I kept as a record of my entry into the vampire world. My discussion with the great Vlad Dracula in book three is where I learned about “flying.” I’d started practicing a little over thick parts of our Canadian forests when it was raining, very cloudy or at night. Of course, now that we have “come-out-of-the-coffin*” (actually we were “outed” by the Marxist government in Washington, D.C. – how they hate us!) I now fly in daylight getting “thumbs-up” if seen by my wonderful neighbors in the Cayuga area!

Guy: Did you have special education or training to hone your power?

Yes, Sophie helped train us in the method of enjoying being in each other’s mind during sex and then we carried that ability further to communicating with one another and reading the minds of humans. The latter has come in handy when our vampire children went to university or in the military. We taught it to Fred, the shape-shifting werewolf who is in love with Glenda, my half-human, half-vampire granddaughter. Both are now enrolled in Prague’s University. They “tested-out” of the more mundane classes so will attain their undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in less than three years. They’re currently taking joint MBA and Law degrees (read about them in the first half of book three).

Guy: Do you consider your power a gift or a curse? Why?

We have used all of these powers to not only enjoy each other physically, as well as to communicate, but to help safeguard mankind. From that perspective the powers must be considered as great gifts. We have stopped a potential nuclear war between Communist China and The Russian Federation, cleaned up the messes caused by terrorists and helped bring them to justice and kept two potentially Extinction Level Events on Earth from happening as well as threats from outer-space that could have destroyed Earth.

Guy: How does having this power complicate your life?

It sometimes seems we’re cursed with the frequency we’re called upon to save mankind, often from their own stupidity, such as from the types of leaders whom they have given control over themselves…amazing!

Guy: If you could swap your power for another one, what would it be?

We actually have taught humans the ability to share each other’s physical joy during sex. Now if we could just teach them to do diligent research into the types of people they place in leadership positions, I’d consider that would be worth trading my “flying” for!

Guy: What does your lover think of your abilities?

My two “owners” who both changed me so we could be together forever (they stress we are co-equal in our highly erotic partnership) think our abilities are great! For those who prefer less sex in the novels they read, book two has a summary of the major points of book one with far less sex. Book two is helpful when reading book three but each book will stand alone.

Here is what my Immortal Relations series is about:Immortal Relations Love and War

Are all those who are “different” than you automatically bad? Certainly the vast majority of books published about vampires paint them as “in league with the Devil” and “evil personified.” Often they are shown almost like “shape-shifters,” able to take on the appearance of beauty, while underneath lurks a hideous killer of unspeakable ugliness. I’m told I am the first author to have my vampires owning funeral homes where, by law, the blood of the deceased must be replaced with a preservative. This is properly done following funerary laws (no “fangs” involved – how revolting that would be – yuck)!

Immortal Relations starts with a true-life event that occurred to the author’s parents. It was finding out about this situation that spurred the author to write the series. The first book explores love and aspects of its physical expression (sex) so it’s appropriate for open-minded adults. Read Richard Rasmussen’s comment on the first book at Amazon.

The second book Immortal Relations, Love and War carries the story forward and has a summary of important parts of the first book in the form of a conversation between two of the main characters (this makes it a good starting point for those for whom stories with sex is an issue). While I still consider this novel “adult fare” I found a way to lessen the “explicitness” of the togetherness…I think you may laugh at the way it’s done. The second in the series has a lot about how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Watch the Chinese Communists try to capture the riches in Siberia and run up against not only our guardian vampires but the love of the Russian people for their homeland. Greedy OPEC Ministers try to destroy Russian oil production in order to destroy the economy of Russia and The West – actions that could become more than just ideas in a novel.

Coming Out CoverImmortal Relations Coming Out explores the destructiveness of the new Soviet style of Socialism taking over America and how the country is heading down the path to the loss of its Constitution and personal freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. These are all strong stories not for the faint of heart!

Born in Washington D.C., early in WW-II, I spent my early years in Texas with my mother and her parents while my father was overseas. His overseas exploits had my mother say something which became part of the foundation for my series “Immortal Relations.” I graduated from TCU (B.S.), Ball State University (M.A.) and Hardin-Simmons University (M.Ed) and am a Retired Major, USAF & retired Psychologist and Program Adminstrator with the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice.

My first Adult Paranormal-Romance Novel is titled, Immortal “Relations.” As an advisory, it has “explicit togetherness” in it (sounds so much nicer than just saying “sex”). The first book starts when “my character” finds a picture that proved “his” late father had a tryst while assigned overseas at the end of WW-II and goes there in hopes of finding out more. There he meets a stunning younger lady who knows far more about his father than she should.

During my military service I submitted many technical articles and in my work in the counseling field wrote, “Can Anyone Help My Child?” about the assessment and treatment of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. I live in West Texas with my wife and our Pomeranians. I believe, “Dogs are God’s gift to mankind to teach us Love & Loyalty!” All my books are available on AMAZON & KINDLE and can be ordered through Barnes and Noble.

Guy, thanks for dropping by today. I love the idea of vampires running the world’s funeral parlors. Brilliant!

Who is your favorite vampire character from books or movies? I’m presently in love with Matthew Clermont of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy.

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  1. Thanks so much Lyndi for allowing Gary Logan and I to be on your blog today! Since Gary and I are so close, (-; we will both drop in from time to time to see if there are any questions or comments that we can reply to. We do hope those who read the books will leave comments on Amazon. A wonderful comment on the second book, “Immortal Relations, Love and War” was left on my BlogSpot: and that is appreciated; however, more potential readers would see comments left on the Amazon site where the book is purchased in either printed or digital format: .

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