A Space Battle Leads to a Sexy Starry Night ~ #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday bannerIt’s Week 57 of My Sexy Saturday! This week, we’re traveling the universe as we turn the spotlight on sci-fi romance. Today I’m sharing a seven paragraph snippet from my space opera, Alliance: Diplomatic Relations, published by Amber Quill Press. In the snippet, Shayan hears Rulik’s voice for the first time in the midst of a space battle.

cover for Diplomatic RelationsAlliance: Diplomatic Relations
by Lyndi Lamont
Science Fiction Erotica (M/M, M/F/M)


First in the Alliance series… a diplomatic delegation from the planet Mhajav arrives in Lodur, capital of the planet Zigan, with the intention of establishing diplomatic relations between the two worlds. Both planets seek an alliance because of raids on their merchant vessels by space raiders from both worlds.

But no two worlds could be more different.

When Rulik answers a distress call from a space ship being pursued by outlawed raiders, he meets the man he’s been waiting for all his life. An alliance between their worlds will bring them together, but the ensuing diplomatic crisis threatens to tear them apart. Only Rulik can solve the problem, but will it be at the loss of his hopes and dreams?


“This is Captain Rulik of the Ziganese vessel Borivoy,” a voice announced in Ziganese.

The deep masculine tone sent a shiver down Shayan’s spine. Like many Mhajavi, he was bisexual, but, in truth, he preferred men. He wondered what this Rulik looked like. The Ziganese were as fair as the Mhajavi were dark, so his skin would be pale, perhaps with a ruddy tone, his eyes some variety of blue, and his hair blond or reddish in tone. Shayan’s heart rate increased with anticipation.

“Greetings, Captain Rulik,” Chaitani answered in the same language, mandatory for all Mhajavi venturing into space. “This is Chaitani of the science ship Anila. What are you doing in our space?”

There was a deep chuckle, sending more shivers through Shayan. “If all goes well, saving your hides. How long can you hold out?”

Just then a blast shook the ship. The raiders were within firing range.

“Evasive action,” Chaitani ordered, set her mouth in a grim line. “Captain Rulik, with rescue at hand, we will hold out as long as possible. If we do not survive, promise me you will fry the bastards.”

Rulik’s laugh had a reckless quality to it. “With pleasure. But I hope it won’t come to that. Over and out.”

Available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, AQP/Amber Allure and BN/Nook.

Read a longer excerpt here.

I don’t know about you, but I love space opera. Which do you prefer: Star Trek or Star Wars. I enjoy both, though I’m more of a trekker. Leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win my monthly drawing for a $15 Starbucks gift card.

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4 thoughts on “A Space Battle Leads to a Sexy Starry Night ~ #MySexySaturday

  1. Great excerpt. I love both Star Wars and Star Trek. Until recently, I’d have said I was a bigger Star Wars fan … but with a book coming out next spring that has a Star Trek element, I’ve had to change my tune. (My heroine is a by-the-book administrator of a mental health facility who must hire a Klingon interpreter to comply with state law. The hero, who taught himself Klingon, never met a rule he didn’t want to break.)

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