A Sexy Carriage Ride from Deception #MySexySaturday #MFRWauthor

My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is a sexy carriage ride, regardless of how you define a carriage. But since I love historical romance, I’m sharing a scene from Deception, erotic male/male romance set in 1895 London.
cover for Deception (A "Masquerade" Story)Blurb:

London 1895, where men who love other men flaunt convention and risk imprisonment for “the love that dare not speak its name”. Until Oscar Wilde goes on trial for gross indecency…

An anonymous and intriguing invitation leads struggling artist, Leander Frampton, into a private world of sensuality with a stranger in an elaborate black and gold costume. When the masks come off, he rediscovers the lover he’s dreamed of for the last two months. The man who abruptly left him in the middle of the night. Now Rupert has returned, inspiring Leander’s art and filling him
with desire. Thinking he has found both muse and patron, Leander gives all he has: his heart, his body, his talent. But Rupert is as elusive and evasive as ever, appearing and disappearing in Leander’s life, with little explanation.

Forbidden passions lure Rupert Austin, an outwardly staid art importer, into a secret life where he is free to pursue his love of handsome young men. Past loss makes him shy away from involvement, but he is unable to resist Leander’s talent, youthful beauty and enthusiasm. Rupert
arranges for a private showing of Leander’s work, but that doesn’t mean he trusts Leander with all of his secrets, especially after risky public sex that could have landed them in jail.

Two very different men – one, a businessman, with a great deal to lose and a taste for secret liaisons with beautiful young men; the other a young, gifted artist who will give his all to the right man. Will deception destroy any possibility for a once-in-a-lifetime passion for these two lovers?

In this snippet, Leander and Rupert have met for the second time at a masquerade ball, and Leander has just agreed to go home with Rupert in a Hansom cab.
Hansom cab clipart
Rupert grasped Leander’s wrist and turned his head to press a kiss into one palm. “Shall we go?”

They waited until a hansom cab had been summoned. After giving the address of his lodgings, Rupert climbed in, leaving room for the younger man beside him. Once inside, he held onto Leander’s hand in the dark.

“I’m so glad you came tonight,” Rupert said.

“I’m hoping to come again soon.” Leander’s voice held a teasing note.

Rupert laughed at the innuendo. “I think I can help with that.”

“I rather thought you might. And if I can be of any service…”

“I’ll think of something,” Rupert said, his voice thick with desire. Anticipation thrummed in the air, heightening his senses. The short journey seemed interminable, but at last the cab arrived at Rupert’s rented townhouse in Chelsea. Getting out, he paid the driver and motioned Leander toward the door. As he unlocked it, he said, “I gave my man the night off. No one will disturb us.”

Deception is available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, Amber Quill Press, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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