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My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme is Do You Think I’m Sexy?, which means the old Rod Stewart song is thrumming in my head as I write this post. Well, Erok villain of Alliance: Fertile Ground and hero of Alliance: Galactic Affairs thinks he’s sexy and most women he meets agree. While writing the stories, I pictured Eric Dane, Mark Sloan aka Dr. McSteamy, of Grey’s Anatomy. Like the ultra-hot doctor, Erok is a tall, blond charmer, who has always been able to fast talk his way into many a bed. Unfortunately for him, the goddess Maradon has a way to stop his womanizing.

Galactic Affairs coverAlliance: Galactic Affairs
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
Amber Quill Press


When Erok steals ancient artifacts from an archeological dig on the planet Zigan, the last thing he expects is to be cursed by an angry goddess with a mystical coin. Left stranded in space, fated to fall in love with the next woman he sees, he scoffs at the curse . . . until he comes face to face with his destiny.

Jahni, an agent with Mhajavi intelligence, is intrigued by the Ziganese pilot rescued by her crew. He stirs her desires as no man has ever done before, and she gives in to her passions. But when she realizes he has connections to the space raiders, she wonders what kind of man she has fallen for. Is he a common thief or a misguided rebel? Either way, he seems to be the one man who can help her solve an intergalactic crisis. But at what cost to her heart?

In this snippet, Erok meets Jahni, the first woman he’s seen since leaving Zigan in his now disabled space ship.

She withdrew her hand from his finally, but she didn’t step back. “You were lucky we answered your call. A disabled ship is easy prey for space raiders. You must have been worried.”

He shrugged one shoulder. The raiders were the least of his worries, but he could hardly say so. “One of the hazards of the job. I was glad to hear a friendly voice, though. It was getting lonely out here.”

Her lips curved into a smile, and he suppressed the urge to run his tongue along her full lower lip. He had to force himself to pay attention to her question.

“Isn’t loneliness another hazard of your job? Since you don’t seem to have a crew.”

“I don’t spend all my time in space, thank the gods. I like people too much.” He took a small step closer to her. “Let me revise that. I like women too much.”

Her mouth quirked. “I imagine you have quite a reputation on your home world.”

“You have no idea.” He reached out to touch her hair, soft and silky, then ran the back of his hand along her jaw. “I especially like Mhajavi women.”

Published by Amber Quill Press. Available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, Amber Heat and Nook.

Who’s your favorite sexy TV charmer? Right now, my heart belongs to Killian Jones aka Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time. Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $15 Starbucks card in the August drawing.

Lyndi Lamont

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7 thoughts on “Meet Sexy Space Pilot Erok at #MySexySaturday

    • Alexis, I have a big crush on Nathan Fillian, too. He is adorable, isn’t he? Poor Erok is about to be arrested for smuggling, and Jahni gets to put him in the space slammer for a time. 😉

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