Spotlight on History Talks! Author Zenobia Neil and Psyche Unbound #romance

Historical romance author Zenobia Neil and her erotic romance, Psyche Unbound, are featured today at the blog.

Loving Historical Romance graphicBut before we start the interview, mark your calendars for Monday, Feb. 8th at 6:30PM! Autumn, Xina Uhl, Zenobia Neal and I will be doing a free panel discussion on Loving Historical Romance for the Santa Clarita Public Library. Click here to register for this fun event. Blogger Erin Davies will moderate. Click on the event under Feb. 8th to register.

Psyche Unbound coverBlurb:

A princess of Rome, Psyche is celebrated for her great beauty until she provokes the jealousy of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Soon Psyche finds herself naked and abandoned on a beach, awaiting sacrifice to an unknown monster.

Cupid, the winged son of Venus, arrives to bring Psyche to the palace of the monster. As he carries her, she looks into his eyes and makes the grave mistake of falling in love.

Blindfolded and tied to a bed, Psyche bravely awaits her fate. Instead of offering her death, the monster offers her marriage on one condition: she must never see his face. After many dark nights together, Psyche comes to love her shadow husband. But she still can’t stop thinking about Cupid, the God of Love.

One night, consumed by curiosity, Psyche breaks her promise. Her husband, enraged, banishes her from the palace. To get back what is most important to her, Psyche must complete three impossible tasks and outwit Venus herself. If Psyche succeeds, her true love will return. If she fails, she will lose everything—including her life.

Available at and on sale for $1.99 from Feb. 7-15.

author Zenobia NeilAbout the Author:

Zenobia Neil was named after an ancient warrior queen who fought against the Romans. She writes historical romance about the mythic past and Greek and Roman gods having too much fun. Visit her at

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Facebook: zenobia neil author/
Twitter: @ZenobiaNeil
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Instagram: Zenobia.neil

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