Memories and Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean what it used to when I was younger, but as a romance author, I can hardly ignore it.

I’ve been happily researching my family roots at, and was reminded that my parents were married on February 15, one day after Valentine’s Day. My father wasn’t of a romantic bent, and rarely remembered Valentine’s Day. He was much better about their anniversary. I remember one Feb. 15 when he came home from work with a gift for my mom – a new broom! The memory still makes me chuckle. He never heard the end of that one.

Truth was, she needed a new broom, but his timing could not have been worse.

My late husband was better about remembering V Day, even though he could not in any way be described as a romantic. Our first V Day, he gave me a cute coffee mug with hearts on it. After we got married, I usually woke up on Valentine’s Day to find a box of See’s candy and a card in my favorite chair. After a while, I even had him trained to only buy dark chocolate. This year I will be buying my own, but that’s okay, too.

It’s pouring rain here, so I’ll be spending the day with my new little love, Callie, who likes to snuggle in the colder weather.

Callie on afghan

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Memories and Valentine’s Day

  1. I think my dad remembered V-Day for Mother, but she didn’t do anything for him.

    My late husband admitted to having difficulty saying he loved me, but he went all-out on hearts day with See’s candy in heart boxes and beautiful cards. I gave him the same. One year we took a photo of us holding up the empty boxes—from the previous year—as we stood together. The next time we tried that we looked so old we laughed and deleted the pic, but I still have those boxes. His has a tuxedo front; mine is shiny red tied by a beautiful red bow. See’s isn’t far from me, and nowadays, I treat myself once in awhile to my favorites…chocolate raspberry cream and pineapple truffle. Brings back sweet memories of him.

    The first V-Day after his death my sons sent me cards and flowers because he’d died only two months earlier. It’ll be two years this coming December, but my youngest son and his family sent flowers this year, too. Candy too.

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