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I wish I could say that I’m one of those highly disciplined writers who maintain a daily schedule of x hours of writing before doing anything else, but for me every day of the week is different, and not necessarily like the same day was the previous week. Sigh.

Our interconnected world has made it more difficult than ever for people to concentrate. It’s like everyone is ADD now, just trying to keep up with everyday life plus social media. When it is time to write, I have to power down the cell phone and disconnect from the Internet to get anything done.

I won’t go into all the reasons why I don’t have a regular schedule, but I do have several days of the week that are “running around” days, which means I have an hour or two max in the morning before I leave (if that) and I may not get home until 2-3PM or even later. Some authors try to cram all of their shopping and appointments into those two run around days, but I never seem to manage to fit it all in. And if a friend wants to go to lunch… well, I’m unlikely to say no. So sometimes I write in the morning and sometimes in the late afternoon. By evening I’m too brain dead to do much of anything.

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Some days I wish I had more than two hands!
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If I’m lucky, my niece Patty and I find time in the evening to drive to the beach overlook to watch the sun set. Watching the waves move in and out relaxes me after a busy day. We’ve had some really pretty ones lately, like this one from last week. My new Nexus 5X takes pretty good pictures!

Pacific Ocean sunset

I do need to start carving out bigger blocks of time for writing. Wish me luck.

How about you? Do you have a set schedule?


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16 thoughts on “My Week: Every Day Different #MFRWAuthor 52-Week #Blog Challenge

  1. I think the best thing about being a writer is that you can tailor your schedule to suit your actual life. There aren’t many jobs like that. Enjoyed your post 🙂

  2. I fantasize about well ordered days, but mine are pretty chaotic too! Right now I’m blog hopping on my iPhone with my new grand baby in my arms. I foresee a bit less writing in my future!

  3. Being ADD, I can tell you tthat it is hard to force myself into a daily schedule. I want to move close to the beach so I can walk the beach at sunset every day.
    Since I am by nature a night owl, regardless of physical tiredness, my mnid is on high alert in the evenings, and I often handwrite my ideas for the current WIP while my hubby watches TV. Thank you for sharing – I really enjoyed your post!

    • Ellie, we all have to figure out what works for us. I’m going to try writing in the morning, when I can, and see what happens. I do well writing in the afternoon, but sometimes I get sidetracked and nothing actually gets written.

  4. Beautiful picture, you’re lucky to get to see the ocean so often! And, I agree that we all seem to live on fast forward lately with everything we have to cram into a day. Frankly, I’m amazed that authors have time to do any writing, lol.

  5. No set schedule for me. I squeeze in writing when I can. Each day is a little different depending on things I need to get done. Now add to that a new puppy (who sadly now has an injury) and my days are really up in the air.

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