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This week’s prompt in the MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge is My Favorite Holiday, and mine is Halloween.

What’s not to like? You get to decorate the house and/or yard and dress up in a fun costume (if you wish), hand out or eat candy, and socialize with friends and neighbors.

As a child, I loved all the holidays, but Halloween was the only one that let me get dressed up and pretend to be someone I’m not. My earliest costume was Little Red Riding Hood, sewn by my mother. It comprised a red skirt and matching cape, which I wore with a white blouse, and of course, I carried a basket over one arm. I think that might have been my all time favorite.

After that I alternated between a bride costume and a witch costume for a while. Being a witch was way more fun.

gypsy fortune tellerOnce, as an adult, I went to a party dressed as a gypsy woman, only to be asked if I was supposed to me a milk maid! That was a lowering experience, I must say. I couldn’t shake that wholesome look no matter how hard I tried.

Since I visited Harry Potter World back in April, I’m all set for Halloween this year (almost). I have my Ravenclaw robe and my wand; all I need is a witch hat. I’ll be dressing up for the OCCRWA Birthday Bash on Oct. 21. The theme is Victors, Villains & Vixens. Not sure exactly who I’ll be, but I’ll come up with an appropriate persona.

LM at Harry Potter WorldOn Halloween Eve, I’ll be dressed as a Hogwarts professor, and my niece Patty will be in full pirate regalia. She can’t wait. No doubt she’ll have the house decorated with skeletons and spider webs.

What’s your favorite holiday?


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12 thoughts on “Costumes, Candy & Spider Webs #MFRWauthor 52-Week #Blog Challenge

  1. LOL….I loved dressing up as a kid, and when I first heard of Greek Mythology, I went as Aphrodite….in two of my mom’s tulle prom dresses (one held together at my thighs, so it would be ankle-length on me), and everyone thought I was just a princess. To this day, I still do not know how I walked all over the neighborhood in it, with her high-heels.

    Love your Hogwarts look! I think this year I’ll be back in my pirate costume…..unless I can persuade the spouse it’s time for another trip to the costume store. I’d love to go as the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time….I LOVE her wardrobe!!

  2. I’m with you, Linda! I love Halloween. My favorite dress up was as a witch. Darn, I wish I was going to the Birthday Bash so I could see you in costume. You’ll have to post pictures.

  3. Fun post! When I told my friend what this week’s topic was she instantly said Halloween. It’s her favorite. She was a little bummed that her neighborhood doesn’t get much in the way of trick or treaters. We took the kids to Universal Studios last summer and my daughter wanted the outfit and wand. We had to tell her no.

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