The Struggle to Choose a Book Title #MFRWauthor #blog Challenge

This topic of this week’s MFRW 52-week blog challenge is “How I Choose a Book Title.”

And there is no easy answer to the question.

Each book is different. I’ve found some that lend themselves easily to a title while others are harder to pin down. When Anne Farrell and I wrote a contemporary romance together we went through several titles. Out of Control was our original working title, but when we sold it to Zebra for the Precious Gems line, they wanted to call it Dear Heart. Could anything be more generic? We suggested several other titles, and we all agreed on Private Affair. When Anne and I reissued the book, we changed the title to Worth The Risk to reflect the hero’s occupation as a race car driver. I think we ended up with a very cool cover, thanks to cover designer Lex Valentine.

In choosing a title, you obviously want it to have some connection to the story. But what you don’t want is a title so popular that everyone else is using it. I usually go to Amazon and look up titles I’m considering to see how often they have been used and by whom. I wouldn’t want to duplicate, say, a Nora Roberts title. Everyone would think they’d already read it!

Readers, what do you look for in titles? Or is the cover design more important. We authors would like to know!


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12 thoughts on “The Struggle to Choose a Book Title #MFRWauthor #blog Challenge

  1. I’m with you. When I come up with a title, I go to Amazon to see how many other books pop up with that title! Sometimes I just can’t help it if the book demands a popular title, but several times I’ve changed it to a more unique one:)

  2. I like the final title and the cover for your book. Like the cover, you want the title to stand out among the masses. I’ve not thought about going to Amazon first to check out the title, something to consider next time.

  3. I’m a searcher too when it comes to titles. Once I searched Amazon multiple times and my potential title didn’t come up. Yay! But when I searched Barnes and Noble months later, it did. Ekk. I like your new title choice for the book you reissued.

  4. As an author, I should check amazon first- because I’ve gotten attached to a title and realize – so has everyone else, lol. As a reader, the title usually isn’t the first thing to catch my eye- it’s the first paragraph. Enjoyed your post!

  5. Wow Linda, that book made quite a journey with titles. I agree that the last one is the best. I also agree with your point about not using a title that’s already out there. I read that there area a couple of Girl on the Train books and people were upset to find they bought the wrong one!

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