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MFRW blog challenge badgeThis week’s prompt in the MFRW Author Blog Challenge is Meet My Best Friend.

I had to think about this prompt for a few minutes. Unlike some people, I haven’t had one best friend throughout my life, but rather a succession of close and not-so-close friends. I did have a best friend in elementary school, but then we started moving, eventually from Pittsburgh to California. We moved six times in five years, which made it hard to make and keep friends. During those years, my mom became my best friend. We remained close until her death, and sometimes I still sense her nearby. My mom was such a dog lover, we all were. This adorable Chihuahua pup looks much like our Mitzi did. My mom and that dog were practically inseparable.

white chihuahua puppy

After I married, my husband became my best friend, though I also had lots of good female friends. My critique group has grown so close, we feel more like sisters than friends, interesting since three of us are only children. I have a half-brother who is fourteen years older than I am, so I like to say that my dad had two wives and two only children. He and his wife Renee are also friends, and since Bob’s death, traveling companions.

For someone like me, from a small family, friends are all important, and I’m grateful for every one.


Me with my brother Mac and my sister-in-law Renee at The Venetian in Las Vegas

What about you? Do you have one best friend or a whole bunch?


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14 thoughts on “Best Friends & Relatives #MFRWauthor #blog challenge

  1. What I’m enjoying about this blog topic is how we writers surround ourselves with the important, whether they are still here, geographically near, or four-legged. Either way, we’re fortunate to have them all.

  2. Hi, Linda,
    My mom liked dogs, and I always have too. At times, I still feel that my mom is close. I have a few very close friends that I can almost call best, but my true best friend has been a part of my life since I was eighteen. I wrote about her for the blog hop too. Have a great weekend.

  3. I’m like you in that I had many different best friends growing up. My mom and I had periods of disconnection, but in the end, we were very close. I have a sister I’m close to, also,. And then there’s the series of four-legged friends!

    Great post, Linda!

  4. I have a small group. 2 in person friends and one online friend. I talk to the online friend way more. Haven’t yet found that group of writing buddies, but hopefully one day I’ll get there on that. Your dog is a cutie.

  5. Hubby and I have moved around a bit during our marriage so we lost contact with the friends we made early in life. But that’s made us the best of friends. We’re the scary kind of couple who keep the bathroom door open and laugh at accidental farts.

  6. I’ve never been one to have lots of friends, and few I’d consider “best”. Moreover, there have been long stretches where no one held the title. You are fortunate to be married to your best friend..this isn’t true in every marriage. Congrats😊

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