Two Holiday Stories by Dee Ann Palmer from Exquisite Christmas #EQuills

Exquisiste Christmas AdSixteen years ago, Dee Ann Palmer finished her first novel in a writers workshop in the mountains. Later, as a public health nurse visiting pregnant and parenting teens in those same mountains, she became aware of young men eagerly awaiting the first snowfall so they could work at the ski facilities. With those memories, it’s not surprising she chose the mountains, a blizzard and a ski resort for her two stories in this winter romance collection.

Exquisite Christmas print coverThe opening to A Night to Remember

It was the worst Christmas Eve Marlee had ever lived through. Providing she did live through it, she thought. People who longed for a white Christmas obviously didn’t expect it to come with a power outage and a blizzard like she was creeping along in in her old Nissan.

Squinting to see, she switched the heat to the front and rear windshields. If she didn’t reach her house soon, the wipers wouldn’t be able to cut through the ice forming there. The snow had thickened and the temperature had dropped in the last thirty minutes…

Opening to Snowfall–

What a glorious day! Riley filled her lungs with the icy air as the seat of the lift slid under her. She looked out as it pulled her upward. The night’s storm had floated fresh powder over High Mountain as far as she could see.

She smiled. Great. We’ll be busy today, and we’ll have a white Christmas.

Angels Ski Resort was on the California side of the Sierra Nevada range, and as the ski instructor she worked at the base of the lift and runs. Today, her task as a senior ski patroller was to do a trail safety sweep. Arriving early, she’d keyed open the drive terminal, stepped inside to set the chairlift in motion, then exited the building and relocked it. She’d turned on the heat in the next building, which held the instruction rooms and ski patrol offices…

Read them both in Exquisite Christmas, available in print or digital from your favorite bookseller, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.


In every age, the heart loves, and Dee Ann Palmer’s romances over the past twelve years have reflected those eras in contemporary, historic and fantasy tales. Palmer is a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America’s PAN group. She’s married to her college sweetheart, and they live in beautiful southern California in easy reach of mountains, desert and beaches.

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