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My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is Our Sexy Galaxy, a nod to science fiction writers, so how could I resist? There is nothing more hot than a man or woman coming across millions of miles in a spaceship to rescue their love. Or to find them.

In my Alliance series, the people of two very different worlds come together to form a defensive alliance against space raiders preying on their ships. In my sci-fi erotic romance, Alliance: Cosmic Scandal, Ambassador Myrek, the handsome and single prince of planet Zigan, travels to the planet Mhajav, in part to seek a cure for his son’s genetic disease. He meets his destiny in Dr. Khira, a young but brillian Mhajavi scientist.

In this excerpt Dr. Khira has informed Prince Myrek that he was not responsible for his son’s genetic disease. The prince has just explained that his first marriage was arranged by his mother, a concept foreign to Khira’s Mhajavi culture, where people marry for love.

Khira shook her head. “It seems so strange to me.”

He shrugged. “I never expected to marry for love. Not the first time anyway.”

“How sad. Here on Mhajav, we nearly always marry for love. Will you choose your own bride next time?”

He smiled. “Now I know I can produce a healthy child, yes, I will eventually remarry.”

“Any prospective bride will have to be tested for the mutation,” Khira pointed out.

The smile he gave her was crooked. “So you’re saying, be careful who I fall in love with.”

She smiled. “I guess so. At least until we’ve found a cure.” It seemed surreal to be discussing his potential marriage to someone else with a man she herself was attracted to.

Cosmic Scandal coverBlurb:

When Myrek, heir to the Ziganese throne, becomes ambassador to the planet Mhajav, he meets Khira, a lovely young geneticist. Their union defies the laws of two worlds. An erotic encounter in a brothel leads to a fateful decision that defies the laws of two worlds, causing a cosmic scandal.

Available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, AQP/Amber Heat, and BN/Nook.

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