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My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is My Sexy Love, and focuses on romances inspired by songs.

Worth The Risk coverHowever, since it’s Indy weekend, I’m going to focus on Mitch Delaney, the sexy ex-race car driver hero of Worth The Risk, by Lyn O’Farrell.

A publicity-shy librarian falls for a sexy single dad with a scandalous past, but is love worth the risk?

In today’s snippet, Amanda Lloyd, children’s librarian, is helping Josh’s seven-year-old son find a book to read. He suggests that maybe there’s a book about his dad.

“What does your dad do to make him famous?”

“He’s Mitch Delaney. You know, the racecar driver,” Josh said proudly. “Haven’t you heard of him?”

“Indeed I have.”

Amanda’s head swiveled toward Josh’s father as he stood casually leaning against the checkout desk. She recognized him now. Mitch Delaney. He was often featured on the front pages of the tabloids. He looked just like his pictures—brash, reckless, the type who’d court danger. With very little imagination she could see him in a sleek racing suit in bright red, no, a shimmering silver metallic color. Her gaze roved over his body, picturing how the tight fitting outfit would cling to his broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs.

Good heavens. Was she losing all grip on reality? The man was a walking hazard to the female half of the population. He must have dated more women than Casanova, from Hollywood starlets to jet-setting heiresses. He was definitely out of her league.

It was just her luck that the first man in a year to interest her would turn out to be the one person she couldn’t afford to get involved with. Not because he was married. He wasn’t. She remembered reading about his stormy marriage to actress Heather Sheridan, their divorce and her subsequent death.

But because he was a celebrity, it would be disastrous for her to become interested in someone like him. She had no desire to see her picture slapped across the supermarket tabloids… again. One scandal in a lifetime was enough for her.

Amanda is in over her head this time!

Worth The Risk is available at Amazon Kindle,

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Will you be watching the big race on Sunday? I will!

Linda / Lyn O’Farrell

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