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My Sexy Saturday bannerThis week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is “Our Sexy Tomorrow” and I’m not sure what to do about that, but I decided to pull an excerpt from one of my futuristic erotic romances.

Cosmic Scandal coverThis week’s snippet is from Alliance: Cosmic Scandal and is slightly edited to maintain a PG-13 rating on the blog.


When Myrek, heir to the Ziganese throne, becomes ambassador to the planet Mhajav, he hopes to find a cure for his son’s hereditary illness. Then he meets a lovely young geneticist and passion overwhelms his sense of duty. All he can think of is making Khira his own.

Khira is a rarity, a Mhajavi virgin of 25. A child prodigy, she skipped several grades and was underage when most of her classmates went off to sex camp before attending university. Though hopelessly in love with Myrek, she knows their love is doomed. Under Ziganese law Myrek must wed a virgin, but Mhajavi law forbids virgins from marrying.

An erotic encounter in a brothel leads to a fateful decision that defies the laws of two worlds and causes a cosmic scandal.


After dinner, Myrek led Khira to the sofa. He’d barely been able to keep his hands off her during dinner. He’d found her attractive from the first, when she wore her plain doctor’s clothing and a minimum of makeup. Tonight she was stunning in her brightly colored gown and with black outlines around her lovely brown eyes, making them even more dramatic.

“I’ve called a team meeting for tomorrow morning to brainstorm ideas for finding a cure for this blood disease.”

He put a finger over her full lips. “I didn’t ask you here to discuss work.”

Her brows rose a little. “Then why did you ask me here?”

“Don’t you know?” He moved his hand to her neck and leaned forward to capture her mouth, touching his lips to hers lightly, then with more pressure. She relaxed, opening her lips to allow him better access, as her arms circled his waist. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue then delved inside her mouth. She tasted like paradise, the flavor of the fruit they’d eaten for dessert mingling with the sweet palm wine and her own intoxicating taste.

He ran his hands through her thick silky hair and down her back, pulling her closer. She arched her back and pressed her breasts against his chest. Sheer physical need pounded through his veins and pooled in his groin. He wanted, no, needed her… Gasping, he pulled his mouth from hers. “I want you, Khira.”

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6 thoughts on “Alliance: Cosmic Scandal #MySexySaturday #MSS84 #MFRWauthor

  1. Hi Linda! Always a pleasure to read what’s featured in your blog! Maybe you’ll allow me to share an uncensored version of Alliance on mine?

    This PG business is a tricky thing for the erotic genre. I mean, ‘erotic’ and PG13 hardly make a good match, do they? The PG regulations means you have to market erotic by cutting out the erotic whereas I want to see if you can get me wriggling on my chair and needing to change my underwear. And what about the bookcovers? You could argue that there’s too much flesh on show for our tender teenagers (which I doubt; both the ‘too much flesh’ and teenage innocence but I guess that’s just me, I’ve seen/heard too much to still treat them like angels).

    I keep returning to the bookcover. That face looks as though it’s been stuck to that body with superglue (LOL). A bit small, I find… wonder what photoshop has done to the bit we can’t see. Maybe Khira will air the secret??

    “capture her mouth”. Nice!!

    • It is a dilemma, Joan, but I wanted to keep everything on one website and since I write across a wide range of subgenres and heat ranges, I chose to keep the blog PG-13. I’d love to share some steamier bits on your blog!

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