Recycled Review: The Surgeon’s Lady by Carla Kelly

Since I am dealing with my own medical nightmare, it seemed appropriate to recycle this reviews of Carla Kelly’s The Surgeon’s Lady. I have spent a lot of time in hospitals over the last six weeks, five of them, to be exact, while my husband battles stage four bladder cancer. The next step is hospice.


surgeons-lady-carla-kelly-book-cover-artThe Surgeon’s Lady
by Carla Kelly,
Harlequin Historical Romance, 2009

Back Cover Blurb:

As a surgeon in the Royal Navy, Lieutenant Philemon Brittle has proved his bravery countless times. But he’s never known the thrill that comes with falling in love. Until he meets the beautiful Lady Laura Taunton, who has turned to nursing the wounded as solace from her unhappy past.

Philemon will need to draw upon every bit of his strength and determination to convince the marriage-shy Laura that establishing a life together is the truest path to love and happiness….

I have loved Kelly’s Regency romances for a long time, and I’ve enjoyed naval adventure for even longer, so this was a nice fusion. Laura, a widow, has been badly wounded emotionally by her irresponsible father and her cold-hearted, abusive husband. Surgeon Philemon Brittle is a healer in every way and probably the only man who can help her to overcome her past. This is a sweet and deeply emotional romance that provides a realistic picture of the wounds suffered by seamen 200 years ago. The latter makes you really appreciate modern medicine.

(Note: This review was recycled from Lyndi’s Love Notes of June 1, 2011. Read on my Kindle.)

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6 thoughts on “Recycled Review: The Surgeon’s Lady by Carla Kelly

  1. I love Carla Kelly’s books, I think Miss Whittier is one of my favorites although the Surgeon Lady is also good. I haven’t read one of her books in quite some time. After reading your review, I think its time for me to download it on me e-reader and read it again :-). I know this is a very difficult time right now for you and your family with her husband’s illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. An interesting story and a lovely review, Linda.
    All my best positive thoughts and vibes go overseas to you and tried family.
    May the coming 2015 be better! We must never lose hope!
    Warm hugs,

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