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Today I’m sharing a seven-sentence snippet from my sexy pirate short story, Marooned, for MFRW BookHooks!

Marooned cover
Opening lines:

“We should kill the witch before she harms us,” Kitty whined. “It would serve her right.”

Heather bit back a gasp and pressed her ear closer to the crack in the cabin wall.

Roger let out a sigh. “Not yet. I need her as my wife until my position is established. Once I am master of the plantation, and have my own people in key positions, sweet Heather can disappear and you will be the new Mrs. Parnell.”


Heather Parnell is traveling from England to her home in Jamaica with her new husband, Roger, a man she detests. She performs a banishing spell with unintended consequences. When their ship is attacked by pirates, Roger is killed. Heather, disguised as a boy, joins the pirate crew.

Pirate captain Adam Langworth suspects there is something odd about the new lad. When he discovers she is a woman, she begs him to keep her secret, a violation of the ships’ articles. He agrees, but when her identity is discovered, Adam and Heather find themselves marooned on a deserted island with nothing to do for the rest of their lives but make love.

How will they get out of that predicament?

I’m pleased to report that Marooned is currently on sale at Smashwords. Use coupon code SW100 at checkout. Also available at the following retailers for 99 cents: Amazon,
BN/Nook, iBooks and Kobo.

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