Finding Jason
by Lyndi Lamont
Short Male/Male Regency Erotic Romance
Heat Level 2
Published by Amber Quill Press / Amber Allure

Finding Jason coverWhen Jason Huxley, Regency dandy and man-about-town, acquires a new valet, he finds himself fighting the unnatural inclinations he thought he’d outgrown.

Alfred Threadgill lost his first lover at Waterloo, but now wrestles with his desire for his new employer. He suspects that finding Jason could be the best thing that ever happened to him. But first Jason must find himself.

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What reviewers are saying…

4 Angels… “When Alfred and Jason finally get together, it is like magic and Jason finds everything he has been looking for all of his life. Alfred teaches Jason that sometimes the hard things are worth fighting for. Thanks go to Ms. Lamont for a very interesting story.” – Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Stars… “Ms. Lamont has created a very interesting story incorporating the regency period. It was fascinating to see that modern times may be more advanced, but the treatment of homosexuality is not that different. Alfred accepts his inclinations even though they have caused him pain. Jason feels there is something missing in his life, but he fights his feelings because he knew they will cause him trouble. Alfred teaches Jason that together they may have something that is worth more than anything else in his life. Thanks go to Ms. Lamont for a very interesting story.” – Teresa,
Rainbow Reviews

5 roses… “Lyndi Lamont has penned a poignant and steamy novella in Finding Jason. The history shared by Jason and Alfred’s former lover Michael is both touching and tragic. The obstacles placed in this couple’s path are not easily overcome, especially considering the time period in which they live. Ms. Lamont explained the time period’s ideas of morality in an interesting and effective manner. Jason and Alfred’s relationship developed in a realistic manner considering those moral strictures. Jason’s journey of discovery was a compelling tale which I was unable to put down until the satisfactory ending was revealed.” – Robin, My Book Cravings

4 Stars… “I enjoyed Finding Jason on a number of levels. The story itself is well written with characters [that] are complex and help the plot stay strong. Once he is forced to relive his past, Jason realizes that he is attracted to Alfred, his new valet. Alfred knows that he could love Jason, if only Jason would allow himself to love Alfred. This book also makes clear the intense disapproval of homosexuality in the Regency era in England. Acts of ‘sodomy’… are considered crimes against the Crown and punishable by death. Ms. Lamont has done her research and is clear about the dichotomy of sexual behavior; illicit affairs between a man and woman are overlooked, as long as the participants are discreet, but sexual relations between same-sex partners are considered immoral. She does make it clear that such sexual activity is known, it is just totally hidden. Brothels are common, but places such as ‘molly-houses’ are very secretive. I enjoyed the sexual encounters between the various men very much, while at the same time, feeling sorry for having such urges at a time when the men were considered criminals. Thank you, Ms. Lamont, for a wonderful story” – Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Finding Jason is a story of forbidden desires. Jason must face his feelings and desires and decide what he really wants. His friend Michael’s short visit brings forth his youthful wants but it is Alfred who makes him truly confront it. In Finding Jason, Ms. Lamont details some of the prejudice found in the Regency era and some of the dangers of being different while at the same time tastefully showcasing the love between these two men.” – Georgia,
Joyfully Reviewed

“Poignant and hopeful, FINDING JASON will touch your heart.” – Isabelle Spencer, RRT Erotic

4 1/2 lips…“Finding Jason is a stimulating and enriching short tale of a man who matures as he learns to accept all aspects of his personality. . . I look forward to more from Lyndi Lamont, who made this Regency tale not only interesting but delightful to this reviewer.” – Frost, TwoLips Reviews

Read an ExcerptWhen Threadgill entered, Jason turned to him. “Ah, Threadgill, there you are. I am ready for my cravat.”

Threadgill went to the chest of drawers and removed a length of linen.

Jason stood still as Threadgill wrapped the cloth around his neck and stood close to tie it. At this distance, Jason could study his new servant’s handsome face. His beard was heavier than Jason’s, adding a dark shadow to his jaw line. The man had beautiful eyes of bright blue framed by long, dark lashes. His skin was fair and tinged with pink. True English skin that flushed easily. His mouth, with that temptingly full lower lip, hovered just inches away from Jason’s own. The longing to reach out and taste had Jason clenching his fists.

He closed his eyes, trying to shut out the temptation, but that only made him more aware of  Threadgill’s hands brushing his neck and chest as he tied the intricate pattern. Aware of the man’s soft breathing, his clean scent.

Copyright 2006 by Lyndi Lamont, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED