Alliance: Galactic Affairs
Sci-Fi/Futuristic Menage Erotic Romance
Heat Level 3
by Lyndi Lamont

Third in the Alliance series...

med_GalacticAffairsWhen Erok steals ancient artifacts from an archeological dig on the planet Zigan, the last thing he expects is to be cursed by an angry goddess with a mystical coin. Left stranded in space, fated to fall in love with the next woman he sees, he scoffs at the curse . . . until he comes face to face with his destiny.
Jahni, an agent with Mhajavi intelligence, is intrigued by the Ziganese pilot rescued by her crew. He stirs her desires as no man has ever done before, and she gives in to her passions. But when she realizes he has connections to the space raiders, she wonders what kind of man she has fallen for. Is he a common thief or a misguided rebel? Either way, he seems to be the one man who can help her solve an intergalactic crisis. But at what cost to her heart?

Published by Amber Quill Press. Available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, Amber Heat and Nook.

What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying…

“…a classic erotic novella, with the added twist of a sweet little threesome thrown in. The sci-fi tale is interesting and the sexy thrills just add to the enjoyment. It’s worth it to take an afternoon and play voyeur to the sexual escapades of the galaxy with Alliance: Galactic Affairs.” – Sabine Maurier,


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Jahni stood on the bridge of the Charaka and watched as a shuttle attached cables to a stranded spacecraft. It had taken them hours to reach the coordinates after receiving a distress call from the Aveza, a small Ziganese trading vessel. Normally, she wouldn’t have been involved, but Captain Belarav had requested her assistance in de-briefing the pilot, in hopes he would have seen some activity from the space raiders plaguing their galaxy.

Her heart pounded in anticipation. She’d spent the last several months on board, waiting for some sign of the raiders. So far, it had been a long and boring voyage, especially since she’d been shunned by most of the crew. It wasn’t just the usual wariness of anyone from Mhajavi intelligence. It was because of who she was, or more precisely, who her parents were–supporters of the dictator Havir. In other words, traitors in the eyes of most Mhajavi. And it didn’t help that she’d once worked for the Havir government.

She studied the small craft on the view screen. It appeared to be at least twenty years old and had definitely seen better days. She guessed the owner wasn’t very successful at what he did. Of course, with raiders from both worlds preying on shipping, a lot of traders were hurting. The Aveza didn’t look like it had been attacked, though. The pilot had said the engines had suddenly quit, for no apparent reason.

“When this Erok comes on board, I want you to interview him,” Captain Belarav reminded her.

“Yes, sir. With pleasure.”

She turned and left the bridge. It would be good to have something useful to do for a change. She’d spent hours pouring over charts of the asteroid belt, certain the region was where the raiders had gone to ground, but to no avail. They had to be holded up somewhere, but they’d done a good job of hiding their tracks.

When she entered the conference room, she turned on the view screen and set it to observe the arrival of the trading vessel in the main cargo bay. Once the unwieldy craft was finally maneuvered inside and the outer doors closed, a single figure emerged from the ship.

Her heart rate accelerated at the sight of the pilot. He was fair, like most Ziganese, and perhaps one of the most beautiful men she’d ever seen. Tall and well built, with blond hair, light-colored eyes, fair skin and a deep masculine voice that had sent shivers through her body the first time she’d heard it over the comm link.

She drew in a deep breath and tried to calm herself. How pathetic was she to react this way to a stranger? But it had been such a long time, and she’d never made love to a Ziganese man. Were they really as hairy all over as she’d heard?

Blessed universe, what was wrong with her?

Copyright 2007 by Lyndi Lamont, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED