Alliance: Fertile Ground

by Lyndi Lamont
Futuristic Erotic Romance
Heat Level 2
Second in Alliance series…
Fertile Ground cover

When Fala joins an archeological dig, she finds herself attracted to a brilliant Mhajavi archeologist. Perhaps with his help, and that of an ancient fertility statue, she can achieve her dearest desire… a child of her own.

A private man, Jahesh rarely allows himself to get involved with the messy emotions a relationship can bring. But he is unable to resist Fala. Her warm heart and lush curves tempt him out of his self-made isolation. But will his love be enough for her?

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What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying…

“5 Hearts… Archeological digs have always fascinated me on many levels. Learning the history and stories behind each artifact make each dig a magical experience. Author Lyndi Lamont introduces us to a futuristic world where the archeologist explores and finds ancient artifacts, making this book an excellent read. I truly enjoyed this story of Fala and Jahesh, two honest and endearing characters, who make this book come alive with their strong sexual emotions and yearnings…I look forward to reading more of this Alliance series and learning more about these fascinating Mhajavi and Ziganese People.” – Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

“4 Stars!…Part of the Alliance series, Fertile Ground, brings us deeper into the world of the Ziganese and Mhajavi people, who formed an alliance in the first story of the series…I love history and ancient legends and myths, and can say that I was excited to read this story. Wonderfully written and erotically charged, this installment makes me anxious for the next story.”–Stacey Landers, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

3 Lips…”Fertile Ground by Lyndi Lamont picks up right where Diplomatic Alliance left off which is delightful because it answers a lot of questions that I had. I love the storyline in Alliance: Fertile Ground, especially the character of Maradon and all she symbolizes. I also really enjoyed the lack of pretence in the relationship between Fala and Jahesh – they don’t play games with each other and are honest and mature about their attraction to each other.” – Kerin, TwoLipsReviews

Fertile Ground was an interesting futuristic tale. Although it stands alone quite well, the beginning definitely had me wondering about the first book in the series, as some of the characters from the first book showed up at the beginning of this one. Once Fala and Jahesh left for the archaeological dig, however, the story was all about them. I enjoyed the coming together of these two very different characters. The sex scenes were very well written, and Fala’s desire for a child came across strongly. The only thing that marred my enjoyment of this one was the thin back-story and characterization of Fala and Jahesh. I wanted to know much more about them, especially Jahesh, whose briefly mentioned war service would have been intriguing to learn about. Overall, Fertile Ground is a quick, pleasant read for any futuristic fan.” – Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed


Read an ExcerptWhen Jahesh boarded the chartered aircraft for the flight to Algott, he looked around until he found Fala sitting next to a window at the back of the aircraft. The aisle seat was unoccupied so he headed for it. She’d caught his eye the first time she’d come to a meeting of the archeological team. Though not a beauty like the fabled Arpana Toryl, Fala had a natural warmth that drew people to her, and he was not immune to it.

She was warm and friendly, obviously comfortable with people and the messy emotions being around them involved. How she and Shayan put up with Arpana Toryl’s dramatics baffled him. He’d have strangled the woman long ago. No, he and Fala couldn’t be more different, but that didn’t stop him from wanting her. His attraction to her was illogical. Well, not entirely illogical. She had the figure of a goddess, all soft curves and womanly warmth. That plus the genuine interest and sincerity he saw in her lovely green eyes were hard to resist.

He stopped beside her. “May I join you?”

She looked at him and smiled. “Please do.”

He sat and stretched his legs out as far as possible in the cramped space.

“You’d think the Ziganese could send us off in better style,” Fala whispered.

“Apparently there isn’t much travel to Algott, so we’re lucky to have found this craft, small and slow though it may be.”

She frowned. “I wonder why not.”

“Since the continent is geologically unstable, it’s considered unsuitable for large populations. Nor is it a prized tourist destination for the same reason. How much do you know about the region?”

“I know the basics,” she said. “There was a large population several thousand years ago, but the largest city was wiped out by a series of massive earthquakes. The society fell into decline and had reverted to small warring tribes when the Ziganese arrived two centuries ago.”

“Very good. You have done your homework.”

She laughed. “Not really. I ran into a native of Algott on the Borivoy.”

“The what?”

“That’s the name of Commander Rulik’s ship. One of his officers, Lieutenant Behrin, was born in Algott. He was happy to tell me about his homeland.”

Was this lieutenant another of her lovers? Jahesh decided he’d better not ask her.

Copyright 2007 by Lyndi Lamont, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED