Alliance: Diplomatic Relations

by Lyndi Lamont

Gay / Ménage (M/M/F) / Futuristic Erotica
Heat Level 3

First in the Alliance series…

When Rulik answers a distress call from a space ship being pursued by outlawed raiders, he meets the man hes been waiting for all his life. An alliance between their worlds will bring them together, but the ensuing diplomatic crisis threatens to tear them apart.  Only Rulik can solve the problem, but will it be at the loss of his hopes and dreams?

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What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying…

4 Hearts… “Alliance: Diplomatic Relations is the first in the Alliance series. Rulik and Shayan are both strong, alpha male characters. The increasing tension between them, from the first meeting to the satisfying culmination, made this book one that was almost too hot to handle. A homoerotic relationship with a threesome included makes this one a real sensual delight. The sensual scenes were done with a deft hand and only enhanced the plot and the importance of the alliance between these two peoples. Written in such a ‘way that the emotions driving the two characters strongly came through, the author heightened the sexual tension with her beautiful descriptions of their relations. The contrast between the uptight Ziganese and the more sexually free Mhajavi further clarified the difficulties Rulik and Shayan faced. This is my first book by Lyndi Lamont and the great start to what promises to be an enjoyable series. The fast pace and exciting plot with a surprise twist and a cliff hanger ending will leave the reader begging for more.” – Hayley, The Romance Studio

4 Stars… “Keeping the reader fascinated, Ms. Lamont casts radiant characters that help form the suspenseful plot. . . [The] sexy threesome is hot, scorching the pages with shameless, hungry need. . . A beguiling story, Alliance Book 1: Diplomatic Relations begins Ms. Lamont’s new series at Amber Quill Press. Alluring characters with a dual plot of romance and political intrigue makes this story quite entertaining.” – Pamela Jenewein,
Rainbow Reviews

5 roses… “This author wrote an entertaining story with a world that was great to read about. The characters interaction with each other was so “Hot” at times, sweet and loving. I loved the way that this author wrote two very alpha males who can share their feelings… to me that is the perfect man. This story keeps you locked in… to where you do not want to put it down, that shows a “great” writing style from this author. I look forward to more by this author.” – Nicole,
My Book Cravings

4 Lips… “Diplomatic Relations is definitely a different type of story so if you like something new, intriguing and very thought-provoking, you’re sure to enjoy this book by Lyndi Lamont. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end and am not sure if anything could have prepared me adequately for the ending but it was very well done. Diplomatic Relations is not a story with a typical happily-ever-after but it is happy and leaves the door open for a sweet future for Rulik and Shayan.” – Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

Diplomatic Relations is an erotic tale of problem solving with sizzling love scenes. I found the story enjoyable and I’m torn between Rulik and Shayan as my favorites. I also liked the different traditions between the two planets. I think Lyndi Lamont has created a Sci-Fi keeper.” – Rosemary DuBose,
Joyfully Reviewed

4 Stars… “Diplomatic Relations is one of the most romantic predominantly gay books I have read in a long while. While both men are physically strong and alpha, their feelings were beautifully described. Ms. Lamont achieved the perfect combination. While the sex is very hot, the emotions and love come through before the words are needed. Even the ménage scene doesn’t take away from the characters’ devotion and this aspect of the plot was never contrived. . . Personally speaking, I am waiting anxiously waiting for the next book and Ms. Lamont is now on my “must read” list.” – Anya Khan,
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels… “Alliance: Diplomatic Relations is an incredibly entertaining book. The interaction between the characters is sweet and erotic and you won’t be able to help becoming involved with Rulik and Shayan. They both are very appealing as alpha males who are comfortable expressing their emotions. The story is fast paced and compelling, while the sensual scenes turn up the heat, but be ready for a surprise twist and a small cliff-hanger at the end of the book. Lyndi Lamont creates a wonderful world that you will want to dive into. I will certainly be looking for more books from Lyndi Lamont.” – Isabella, Fallen Angels Reviews

“Lyndi Lamont has done it again! Alliance 1: Diplomatic Relations has something for everyone. Fans of Star Trek and authors like C. J. Cherryh will enjoy the intrigue as members of two different but related species of humanoids strive to cement a treaty uniting against a common enemy. Erotic romance fans will thrill to the incendiary sex and wrenching emotions as two very different men, one supposed to protect and the other to marry the beautiful but arrogant diplomat Arpana, find they are more attracted to each other than to her! The surprising ending will steal your breath in a most satisfactory way. I can’t wait to revisit this exciting new realm in the next installment.” – Deirdre O’Dare, Author of best-selling gay sci-fi story Treading on Dangerous Ground


Read an ExcerptChapter 1

“Captain Rulik, I’m receiving a distress call,” Ensign Vavro said. “It appears to be coming from Mhajavi space.”

Rulik clenched his fists. “Those damned raiders.” He turned to his navigation officer. “Ensign Kovar, plot a course to intercept.”

Kovar hesitated, but at Rulik’s glare, he bent over the nav console, his fingers flying over the controls.

“That will take us into Mhajavi territory,” Behrin, his second-in-command, pointed out with a frown. “A violation of interplanetary law isn’t a very good way to begin an alliance.”

Rulik felt a muscle twitch in his jaw. “I know. But letting one of their ships be captured by raiders is no better, especially if they learn we received their distress call and did nothing.”

“It would make clear the need for a military alliance.”

“That’ll be evident either way. My order stands. I won’t stand idly by and watch another civilian ship attacked. Your objections are noted for the record, Behrin, but we will proceed. I want you at weapons.”

Behrin grinned and moved to the fire control console. “Good! Let’s go get the bastards.”

Rulik threw back his head and laughed. “Ensign Kovar, is that course plotted in?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Vavro, signal Captain Zadok in the Bodul to follow us in, at maximum speed. And signal the Mhajavi ship that we’re on our way.”

“Yes, sir,” Vavro said.

“Proceed at top speed,” Rulik ordered.

As they sped through the blackness of space, he paced the deck of the Borivoy. Too many ships–both Ziganese and Mhajavi–had been lost to the raiders. If he got in trouble for violating Mhajavi space, then so be it. It would be worth the trouble if he saved one ship.

This alliance had been his idea, one reluctantly embraced by his father. Trade with Mhajav began six years ago after they threw off the dictator who had ruled their world for nearly fifteen years. While Havir was in power, Rulik’s father had refused to have any kind of relations with Mhajav, and the borders of Ziganese space were diligently protected. As long as the raiders stayed on the other side of the border, Zigan was safe. Until his father’s enemies had joined forces with the Mhajavi raiders. Now no merchant ship was safe.

If this attempt at an alliance failed, it would be but one more incident in the string of failures in Rulik’s life. He’d long ago given up any hope of pleasing his father, but a successful outcome of the upcoming diplomatic talks would go a long way toward assuaging his bruised ego.

He caught Behrin’s eye and stopped pacing, forcing himself to relax in his captain’s chair. His agitation would do the crew no good, especially since it had nothing to do with the present situation. His ship was more than a match for anything the raiders possessed, preying as they did on commercial shipping.

“Captain?” Vavro’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Yes, ensign?”

“You’re the only one I know who has been to Mhajav. Are the rumors true?”

Rulik grinned. “What rumors?” As if he didn’t know.

Vavro’s fair face flushed slightly. “About the women, sir. Are they as…amazing as I’ve heard?”

“From what I saw, they’re quite lovely, but I won’t comment on the rumors of their sexual responsiveness.” How could he when he’d stayed at a men-only resort? “But I’m glad you brought up the subject.”

He signaled for a ship-wide communication. “This is the captain speaking. We’re presently on course to answer a distress call from a Mhajavi ship being attacked by raiders. We may be the first crew to come face to face with our new prospective partners. I expect every man to be on his best behavior and to show the Mhajavi the respect they deserve. Especially the women.

“I take full responsibility for our incursion into Mhajavi space. But if any man on this ship is the cause of an interplanetary incident, he will answer to me.”

When the men on the bridge crew nodded, Rulik ended the communication.

Copyright by Lyndi Lamont, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED