Alliance: Clandestine Desire

by Lyndi Lamont
Gay / Futuristic Erotica
Heat Level 3

Fourth in the Alliance series…

Alliance: Clandestine DesireA secret mission….

When Behrin agrees to undertake an undercover mission, he is promised a command of his own in the Ziganese fleet. The fulfillment of his lifelong dream is finally in sight. Then he meets his Mhajavi counterpart and finds he has another dream, too.

An unexpected love…

The last thing Tai expects to find on this mission is a Ziganese officer who stirs his desires. But he’s always had a thing for big, strong men, and he falls hard for Behrin.

A heart-wrenching choice…

Behrin knows a lot is riding on this mission, not only their lives, but the future safety of their respective worlds. Will they survive, only to be torn apart forever?

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What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying…

The blossoming relationship between these men is amazing, and just when they find each other a life altering choice must be made. Clandestine Desire is the start of what promises to be an adventure in life and love for these two men. Lyndi Lamont did an incredible job of creating another worldly reading experience, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next segment to release to see what happens and where it leads Berhin and Tai.” – Raine, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Nymphs… “Alliance: Clandestine Desire is a story that inspires the turn of phrase, Please may I have some more. The very talented Lyndi Lamont creates a tantalizing plot with sensual love play and just enough intrigue to have you panting for more of Behrin and Tai, and more adventures in space. This is an amazing series; I look forward to the next episode.” – Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

3 stars… “The two main protagonists, Behrin and Tai, sound hot, and though they are physically and philosophically poles apart, like all good examples of opposites attracting, they soon find common ground … in each other’s arms. Their relationship, and the very well written scenes of military action, kept my interest throughout the story of Tai and Behrin being sent on a secret mission… With danger surrounding them at every turn, the two lovers have to reevaluate the priorities in their lives, and answer the question ~ do they love one another enough to make these radical changes, or was this just another meteoric romance, doomed to burnout on reentry? Read it and find out.” – Jim, Rainbow Reviews

“A chance for his own command is Behrin’s secretly held dream. All he has to do for this prize is slip into a dangerous hideaway and convince a rebel leader to surrender in exchange for amnesty for his followers. When Behrin meets his partner for this risky mission, he is appalled. A pacifist committed to compassionate care for all?  But there is more to Taivik than Behrin first thinks.  The Mahjavi is also dangerously attractive and his gentle nature draws Behrin against all reason.

“The mutual desires between  two totally different men make for some sizzling scenes and the angst when Behrin has to choose between his dreams creates a stirring poignancy. Not to be missed by lovers of m/m romance, ClandestineDesires, the latest installment of Lyndi’s Alliance series, raises the excitement and sensuality to new heights. I burned and wept!” – Deirdre O’Dare, best selling author of Doggone Love and Treading Dangerous Ground


Read an ExcerptBehrin stared out the window of the conference room at the Mhajavi capital while he waited for the mission briefing to begin. The downtown area of Mahdesh City was more beautiful than he’d imagined, situated on a group of small islands connected by bridges and ferries. The tropical breeze blew the tops of the trees and bright sunlight glinted off the water. However, on his way here from the space port, he’d seen evidence of poverty in the outlying areas.

He’d hoped to have some time to really experience the city, maybe even find a willing sex partner. From what he’d heard, that shouldn’t be too difficult as the Mhajavi were said to be largely bisexual. Unlike his own world. For too long now he’d hidden his preference for men, certain the knowledge would stop his career in its tracks. Though he hadn’t had much of a career so far.

A command of his own. The thought of his dream finally becoming a reality had his mind reeling. All he had to do was bring in the notorious rebel Ludosh to stand trial. It sounded so easy, in theory, at least. But he’d been in the fleet long enough to know missions seldom went as planned. And in this case, he didn’t even know what all the variables were.

“Beautiful, is it not?”

Behrin spun around to see who had spoken and saw a Mhajavi man had entered the room. One of the most handsome Mhajavi men Behrin had ever seen. Several inches shorter than Behrin, he had a narrow face, short, straight black hair and brown, almond-shaped eyes. He wore a white shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and khaki pants on his slender frame. Like most of his countrymen, he wore sandals. His wide mouth with full lips spoke of sensuality, but his brooding look said stay away. That was the last thing Behrin wanted to do.

Copyright 2008 by Lyndi Lamont, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED